Epstein Felt He Would Win Case – Appears He Was Murdered.

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By – Ruby Henley


Jeffrey Epstein told his attorney he would win his case.  He was in extremely good spirits and felt optimistic. His attorneys felt he was delusional, but that was unimportant to them.

It is certainly clear to me he was living several cells down from someone he feared and with good reason.

The hulking former police officer shared a cell with Epstein in the beginning of his incarceration.  From what I am learning the officer shared a cell with him while he was on suicide watch. However, two weeks before he died, Epstein told the prison warden the convicted murderous officer roughed him up so badly he had to be taken to the hospital.

It was at that point Epstein’s attorneys requested he be taken off suicide watch. In other words, he feared the ex-police officer would assault him again.  The officer’s attorney said his client had been cleared by BOP, and Epstein had not been assaulted by him.

My feeling is that Epstein was telling the truth.  The officer was housed two cells down from Epstein when he died.  He said no one heard a thing, while some reported they heard cries.

Epstein was found unresponsive with a sheet tied around his neck which had been tied to the top bunk.  Although bones were broken in his neck consistent with homicide, his death is said to be a suicide.

I no longer believe he committed suicide, and I believe his killer was planted very close to him. The clear fact there was nothing recorded tells us all we need to know.


In a story, which is written by a man who knew Epstein personally, details of Epstein’s private life have been revealed.

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He told the man not only was he a financier, he was an elite bounty hunter.  He watched Epstein go in and seemingly serve papers on someone.

The night before the man was to be married, Epstein called his soon to be bride, asking her to come over and f…. him.

The writer goes on to say, in the world of the filthy rich, prison records and crimes are forgiven. The only thing not forgiven is ‘poverty.’

He said everyone knew of Epstein’s uncontrolled sexual urges, but he was rich, handsome, and quite the package.


Isn’t that just like a Satanist ?


The FBI has removed naked photos of underage girls – some as young as 14 from Epstein’s Manhattan home.


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