Essay Writing Services: Curious Facts and Statistics

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Today, students can hire online companies to do all their writing assignments, from short essays to time-consuming dissertations. Indeed, they are becoming more and more popular.
According to non-official statistics, 70% of students use essay writing service at least once in their academic life. And these papers don’t come cheap. While the price of a simple one-page essay is about $20, such complex work as dissertation may cost you up to $7,000!
It would seem like these expenses must be unaffordable for students. Most of them live on a tight budget because of the high tuition fees. But try to make a quick online search of “essay writing services”, and you’ll get 31.8 million hits. Recent statistics indicate that setting up an essay service online writing company is becoming more and more attractive due to success experienced by the ghostwriting industry.
Different online companies have mushroomed in recent years. It bakes a question: Why do students buy essays? The main reasons are the following:

  1. Time constraints

A survey conducted by Endsleigh (2015) indicated that 77% of university students work part-time to finance their studies. 14% of respondents said that they have a full-time job. The latest analysis has found that university tuition fees in England are now the highest in the world – $11,534 (£ 8,808). The USA takes the second place with an average pay of $9,410 (£7,177) per annum.
Balancing study with work can be difficult. A learner cannot always meet deadlines. And older students who have families and those who are going through tough personal struggles simply need help to overcome all challenges they face.
1.Academic pressure
No one wants to get expelled from school due to educational underachievement, especially when you are almost ready to graduate. Students often feel an overwhelming pressure to do well.
When a learner gets a complex assignment and is stuck at the early stage of writing when they should be in the middle, they try to find an alternative solution to the problem. In these cases, most students find paying a service for crafting the paper for them a better choice than getting a bad grade.
2.The language barrier
The U.S. is the most attractive country for international students, followed by the UK. The number of foreign learners in the U.S. reached a record 1,078,822 people during the 2016-17 school year. In 2015-16 the number of international students in the United Kingdom 438,010 people, which made up 19% of all students. Most of them are from China and India.
Obviously, non-native English speakers have troubles with paper writing. The benefits of using custom-writing services are massive for them.
There’s a lot of information about these companies on the web. Take a look at these facts. You may be surprised.

5 Interesting Facts About Essay Writing Services

1.The writers do have educational degrees
A critical thinker like you may not believe that someone with a master’s degree or Ph.D. would participate in such ethically a doubtful activity? Indeed, even academics work as writers and editors at these services. Part-time teaching jobs don’t bring much money. Struggling teachers choose to ghostwrite as a form of revenge on an imperfect educational system that left them with heavy graduate debts and poor prospects for an academic career.
2.The services use price traps

  • A one-page essay for 10$!
  • A dissertation for $200 dollars!
  • A research paper in 3 hours – only $30 dollars!

This is an example of a marketing hook. Services use it to attract customers with low prices. You can find out the approximate price of your order using online calculator most services have on their websites. But you’ll get to know the ultimate cost of your order only after a writer will measure the complexity of the particular theme.
3.You don’t get a guarantee of not being caught by your professor
Tutors and professors often assign paper writing. So, they know the level of knowledge and a particular writing style of their students. If your latest essay is unexpectedly much better than all the previous works, then your educator might suspect something wrong. They will hardly believe that you’ve suddenly become a guru of essay writing.
4.Services don’t talk much about the possible consequences
The penalties for handing in plagiarized work include discontinuation. All college and university staff agrees on one thing: the act of purchasing essays is a plagiarism.
That’s not exactly true. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and using it as one’s own. The custom writing services are delivering brand-new essays. No one is stealing the works. They are being purchased. However, the essay is being used without credit. So, you are cheating. That can also destroy your academic career.
5.Not all essay writing services are reliable
With such a great demand for academic papers, there’s no surprise that many scammers want to cash in on students. Every customer can come across a so-called “best service” that resell papers, provide plagiarized documents, has unqualified staff, or even takes the money and doesn’t deliver anything!
So, weigh the pros and cons before searching online homework help. If you have no other choice, then make sure that you choose a reputable service to do business with. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure the website is well-designed and all links work
  • Read customer reviews
  • Write your questions to a customer support assistant. Check how fast they give answers.
  • Read their blog

There’s one more way to check the reliability of the company after you made your order. Contact your writer to give instructions and check the progress. Professionals communicate with customers. Of course, you’ll find out whether you can trust a certain service after you get your grade.
Essay writing services have their advantages and disadvantages. You should decide for yourself, what is your priority: to get knowledge and skills or get better grades; to improve your time-management or pay extra money; to be an honest learner or a cheater?
About the Author: Michelle Brooks is the blogger and contributor to the educational resource. Her professional and personal interests belong to freelance, career, self-development and e-learning.

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