Establishment Republicans Consider Working with Democrats to Pick House Speaker

This is the same establishment GOP getting chummy with Ron DeSantis. They will work with DemoKKKrats over the base of GOP supporters and those they elected to represent them.

While the Republican Party will vote on a nominee for House Speaker on Tuesday for the projected GOP-led Congress next year, some establishment Republicans are considering working with House Democrats to select a Speaker.

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GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the favored candidate to win the party’s nomination for Speaker, will face a challenge from at least one of his colleagues during Tuesday’s vote.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) confirmed on Monday night he would run against McCarthy for the speakership.

“We have a new paradigm here, and I think the country wants a different direction from the House of Representatives. And it’s a new world, and, yes, I’m going to be nominated tomorrow to — to the position of Speaker of the House,” Biggs told Newsmax.


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