Making Car Batteries for all Electric Cars is 10 TIMES WORSE to Global Warming then DRILLING

So why in the hell are they doing this to people digging for this shit and to the planet? All you activists need to EDUCATE YOURSELF!! WAKE UP!!

How stupid are these clowns calling for the end of gas powered vehicles. They are the ones killing the planet by what it takes to produce these batteries used for all these pathetic vehicles that are all having problems already!!


The Human factor / BLOOD MONEY of using these slaves to dig for items needed/rocks to make electric batteries!!

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WARNING FATAL ELECTRIC CAR FIRES: BATTERY DANGERS!! I don’t remember my gas power car exploding!!

Most car batteries in electric cars now will be shot by 2030. WHAT THEN? Keep making more….most are NOT recyclable and will have to be DESTROYED! Causing more scares upon the Earth!

h/t Wakey Wakey


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