Etrade is by far the worst platform out there

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by InfiniteAccuracy

Ive traded on every broker out there just about.
Td, RH, Tastyworks, scottrade, webull, and several more. So far, each have their own ups and downs.

Td has the best charts, and one of the best overall apps and platforms, and if you have the money, this is the best place to go. If you have any amount of real money, id reccomend td. Only downside is its impossible to get approved for options without lots of money.

Robinhood: free. Idiot proof, but very dangerous for super idiots. Good for day trading. Shit charts, lots of other behind the scenes issues, run by inbred hipster gorillas.

The rest are meh. The rest dont have very interactive platforms. Theyre way too needlessly complicated and lack features in one way or another, but still viable

Recently switched to etrade though, definitely not to skirt pdt, but because I wanted a.. Change of scenery? Idk. It was to skirt pdt.

This garbage can of a platform man. Not only is the app a buggy, clusterfuck, dumpsterfire of an app but they want you to pay 110$ a month if you want your qoutes, ALL QUOTES, not to be delayed by 15 minutes. Everytime I buy options on here, it tells me in instantly up or down several hundred dollars because its using 15 minute old data. We give rh shit but this thing is awful.

Tldr: dont use etrade


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