EU Leaders Side with Iran’s Mullahs, Say Uranium Enrichment Plan Doesn’t Breach Obama’s Nuke Deal

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By Chris Black

The European Union via its diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini has said yesterday that Iran’s plan to build new centrifuges to boost their uranium enrichment capacity is kosher under the commitments of the 2015 agreement between the US, EU and Iran (among others), also known as JCPOA, a “deal” brokered by former President Barack Hussein Obama and described by many in the US as the Iran Nuclear Deal. After the Trump administration in Washington pulled out from JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) last month and threatened further economic sanctions on Iran, the EU tried to salvage the deal “by any means necessary”, with France’s president Macron saying there’s no indication of Iran breaching the nuclear deal.


To begin with, Obama’s so-called deal with Iran was no deal at all. Let me explain: the respective “arrangement” (that’s the correct word) was never signed by Iran. It is not even remotely close to being an agreement or a deal. There aren’t counter signatories, nor are there any legal enforcement mechanisms. If one would like to be more accurate, he/she could refer to it as the “Iran Nuclear Joke”,  or “Obama’s Iran Nuclear Folly”.


As per EU’s decision to side with the mullahs, of course Europistan stands with the Islamic Republic of Iran, with an emphasis on Islamic. To use President Trump’s parlance, Iran can be easily described as a radical Islamic third-world shithole, and the EU is currently very busy importing as many Muslims as they can for reasons that evade common sense. Basically, the EU willingly submits to the Muslim conquest via unchecked immigration, after their forefathers fought for hundreds of years to liberate big parts of Europe from Muslim. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Europe’s economic power-houses, Germany and France respectively, are doing splendid business with Iran, plus they are dependent on their oil. They have to sleep with the enemy, which by the way, I think it’s customary in France since like 1939.

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The EU is everything about soft empire building, globalism 101. The European Union  hopes one day to absorb the Middle East into its maw, in accordance with the UN’s wishes to become a global government. The EU is the seed on which globalists had based their hopes. By spreading EU protocols (read UN) throughout the continent, it will make it easier for the UN to start governing as national governments are hollowed out.


Now, to be perfectly honest about Iran and their “nuclear option”, you should learn that  in order to be weaponized, uranium has to be ‘highly enriched’, i.e. past 90 percent U235. If the centrifuges in Iran’s paraphernalia are only designed to enrich uranium to power production levels and inspectors are given access to continually verify this, I see no problem, really. For nuclear power, you need to enrich to 5%. For nuclear bombs, you need to get over 90%. Iran is allowed to enrich to 20%. Also, consider this: Iran has NEVER threatened or invaded Europe, and that nuclear “deal” was agreed in good faith. The new US admin has reneged on Obama’s deal, and they have every right to, but that doesn’t mean Iran can’t have nuclear power like we in the West have. Theresa May and other Western leaders are more of threat to us than Iran. Marxists have an unholy alliance with Islam, as they view it as a battering ram with which to destroy the Western civilization and start the final revolution of the “proletariat”, or something along these inept Marxist lines. So of course the Marxist EU leadership backs Iran by default (by the way, Iran is Shia muslim, not Sunni).

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