EU now playing with open cards: The EU is About to Destroy The Internet

The EU parliament will vote on Article 13 in less than a month. Article 13 will get rid of “fair use”, will make platform operators reliable for coypright infringements of its users (the only way to not be held accountable is implementing farreaching censorship filters) and it even will introduce LICENSING FEES just for linking to other websites.

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This is a transparent attempt to get rid of alternative information sources. It is an attempt to give power over the internet to a handful of mega corporations and mainstream media. This is the desperate attempt of the failing EU to save their world order by openly authoritarian means. They don’t even try to pretend otherwise, anymore.

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Here you can contact your MEP and tell them to stop this bullshit. But so far, the only opposing voices seem to criticise Article 13 for not being farreaching enough…

Oh, and the otherwise so vocal companies, which fought the net neutrality repeal etc.? No word from reddit and others.

h/t MrNagasaki


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