People in the UK are actually being arrested for subjective interpretations of what they say. All it takes is an anonymous report from someone that claims they were offended. How did this insanity happen?!

via Reddit:

The UK has arrived at this dystopian milestone because the populace has been steadily and consistently conditioned to accept it.

They’ve been programmed to believe that expression of self without acceptance from the majority is dangerous…. reckless. This is done ever so subtly and incrementally over a large span of time by social engineers who know exactly which human emotional weaknesses to exploit in order to make the people themselves beg for laws which limit their inherent freedoms. These social engineers stand behind curtains while poking the cattle with emotional prods, urging them to cascade down the Hallway of Outrage that opportunity has offered.

It has now come to a head in the UK. There are now legal consequences being dealt out due to subjective interpretations of anonymous people. FFS. It only got to this point because the people were prodded into asking for it; they allowed themselves to be manipulated. Shaming those that go against the mainsteam flow has been normalized to the point that people are going to jail for fucking words. Words. Posting Snoop Dog lyrics was enough in one case.

This social engineering dynamic is at work in the US as well. I watch it happen over and over. We, as a herd, are regularly being prodded to beg for censorship of others. “I don’t like what they say, they must be silenced, they shouldn’t be able to say that because [insert media-inspired rant]”.

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The media has marching orders; they are the functional hand of the social engineers. They are assigned certain targets and warned away from others. It is made clear to them who to lampoon, and who to root for or ignore altogether. If you think this is just tin-foil idiocy you should look into Operation Mockingbird.

I am watching the mob of followers here in the USA trample down the exact same path the UK has. Our destination is the same.

Will it be within our lifetime that we see people in the US arrested for posting Rage Against the Machine lyrics just because some anonymous prick didn’t like the anti-establishment message? If we continue allowing the social engineers to dictate our direction, the answer is “Yes”. That is their plan and their goal.

The last few days, I’ve been accused of supporting racism when I express a view which is different from that of an angry mob chasing Roseanne through the streets of Reddit.

I don’t agree with Roseanne’s racist comments.

On the other hand, I don’t agree with the people hopping onto the Outrage Bandwagon. They’re allowing themselves to be puppeteered by the social engineers. Their reactions and overreactions to these public opinion-sculpting-events are the grease in the gears of our own dystopian future.

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Let’s all just calm down… take a few steps back. Let’s please remember that the ability of people to say things that are against the grain without being taken to jail is what America is touted to be all about. I sure would like to keep it that way for generations to come. I know most of you would too.

Let’s not go the way of the UK.


People in the US are just as programmed. People in the US are just as brainwashed. People in the US are just as clueless.

This post isn’t intended in any way to say that the US is any better, only that we are on the same slippery slope the UK just went sluicing down.

People that insist on receiving this as an attack on their person or their culture are revealing their programming. This is a conditioned response. They are defending the system which daily imprisons them further because they’ve conflated it with their national and personal pride… as we are all conditioned to.

People in the USA do the same thing.

This isn’t a competition, it is a wake-up call. Stop taking everything so personal. It is this exact response, so imbedded in human nature, which they are exploiting.


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