EU Threatens Force Against Countries Refusing To Take In Muslim Migrants

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European globalists are preparing to “force” Central European nations to accept mandated migrant quotas and open borders, according to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

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7 thoughts on “EU Threatens Force Against Countries Refusing To Take In Muslim Migrants

  1. Alex Jones would be more believable if he continued to talk about the real controllers, the CFR, Bildeberg, the Trilateral Commission. The truth is that Trump is one of this group who took over the opposition. That is how you do it. You lead the opposition to stay in charge. It is all a Red Herring. Trump will never take the real controllers down including Kissinger who has met with, the CFR, Soros, the Queen, Rothschild, the Fed, black ops CIA, Mossad, et al. Trump is the establishment. He is doing a few good things for the country, but not really that much yet. Lest you forget that Trump and Kushner both have outstanding loans to Soros. What side are they really on?

  2. The EU is threatening other countries to take in Muslim migrants?!? Just proves the EU couldn’t give a tinker’s damn on the survival of European peoples anywhere, anytime. Time for all to exit the EU.

  3. the eu will respond with force? ahahahaha, the eu is hilarious, do as we say, or we’ll attack you.. that’ll make countries want to stay in the EU, NOT!
    The EU is going to commit suicide with threats to it’s members who don’t wish to be invaded either by muslim invaders or EU idiots running around making threats!

  4. This just shows that the migrant crisis was designed to take over europe. That they bring in the most murderous of people only means that they planned to murder the indigenous population if necessary.
    Europeans need to march on Brussels or they’re tempting the devil.

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