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>Five products are in an advanced stage of development and have a high potential
to be among the three new COVID-19 therapeutics to receive authorisation by October 2021<<

>>The Commission will draw up a portfolio of at least 10 potential COVID-19 therapeutics
by October, building on the work of the newly established expert group on COVID-19 variants.<<

What a slap in the face of all the lab rat crash test dummies that took the mRNA killer clotshots!

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Looks like they are shitting their pants and looks like an admission that the “gene therapy”
(if that’s what it was ever about).. has failed and now they have to change narrative fast
in fear of NUREMBERG type trials..

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The Vaccines weren’t brought in because of Covid.
Covid was brought in to test these mRNA vaccines.
If you realize this everything else makes sense!

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So get this into your skulls, they cannot and will not ever give these death by syringe shots
a regular licenceand the “new drugs” are immune system suppressants (for the vaxxed I would think)
is old shit they use for Rheumathoid Arthritis and the monoclonal Antibodies were always
available the whole time, but they DIDN’T allow them so that they would be able to even
give these DNA altering killer syringe products a temprary licence.




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