European Spring – The Taking Back of Europe

by Mark Angelides

Never before has such political upheaval taken place on the European continent without actual warfare taking place. Insurgent parties of all stripes are gaining seats and winning elections, and what’s the one overarching factor? Anti-Globalization.
Whether their own particular form of fight back against Globalization comes as anti-mass immigration or anti-EU fervor, they are taking a stand against the globalist machinations that have sought to undermine nation state democracy.
In the Czech Republic, the national election has just been won by ANO (Yes) Party under the helm of Andrej Babis who is often described as the “Czech Trump.” With 30% of the vote, his party will be looking to make the coalition government with other parties who have a similar agenda. ANO campaigned on stopping enforced mass-immigration and stopping the spread of EU Federalism, the other “winning” parties were of the same beliefs.
Austria’s newly elected leader, 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, who swept to power just last week has been tasked with forming the next government. He is a confirmed Eurosceptic and has begun talks with a range of parties including those that are regarded as on the right (but not far right) of the political spectrum
And, of course, in Germany, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has just won over 90 seats in the Bundestag causing a major loss of face for both Angela Merkel and her backers in the European Parliament.
Then there is the Brexit referendum. What in recent days appeared to be a faltering and betrayed vote after Prime Minister Theresa May’s awful mishandling of the negotiations has taken a turn now that the EU is forced to deal with a continent in revolt against it.
It is a mistake to assume that there is a “rise of the right” in Europe. There is a drastic leaning to the left. This allows those on the “progressive” side to claim that opposition to them is “far right.” But the reality is that there has been a major shift and that the rightist parties were centrist…And haven’t actually moved!
What is more astounding (although not talked about much) is that this is (except in the case of Brexit) a young person’s movement. They can see little light in the future, and are looking for ways to break the hegemony.
These are the sounds of Liberty returning that you hear. The deafening roar is hope breaking free and the people rising against their secretive masters.

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32 thoughts on “European Spring – The Taking Back of Europe”

    • He thought the 18 billion to charity would only do bad?
      Progress takes endeavour, progress can also seem unfortunate, but, if they did not suffer they could never know the challenge it took.

    • The key is to not let the global elite Balkanize nations weakening what sovereignty remains in the nation state model as the-powers-that-be undermine people who value their culture and independence.
      Through order out of chaos, the globalists are using a fracturing process to divide nations to supplant them with powerful authoritarian regional governments that control the entire economy and resources far more tightly than the paradigm we currently live under now. (The term the elites are using for this is technocracy.) This is the reason Soros has been funding Catalan independence since at least 2014, and the same reason he is funding referendums for the state of California to secede from the U.S.

  1. The Caucasians of Europe had better wake up, it won’t be the Globalist, or the New World Order they need to be looking at. You have already been invaded! The current trend if allowed to develop further, in just one or two generations, the once proud White race of Europe will be a subservient slave class to the European Caliphate. You are allowing it to occur now and from within, thanks to your Progressive politics.

    • It is the same policy in the US to flood with unlimited immigration and refugees. Why do you think Putin does not want Russia to be a vassal state of the NWO? They would institute the same policy there. He would like to keep Russia for Russians, the very definition of a Patriot. “Russia,the Hope for the World: Edgar Cayce

      • Moscow has the largest Muslim population of any European / Eurasian nation, including 1.5 migrant workers and this number is steadily growing.* Russia is being ethnically blended and economically globalized (the reason Rosneft is being privatized). Russia is a huge land mass composed of over 200 nationalities and its economy is not strong enough to hold the center – which is why Russia has been earmarked for fracturing by the global elite. As has the United States, btw, and the reason Soros is funding the California referendum for secession. Russia is already implementing UN Agenda 2030 at breakneck speed (termed “Strategy 2030”) as it dives deeper into global economic interdependence. Unfortunately, TPTB already have their tentacles tightly wrapped around Russia.

        • Russia, while wildly dispersed with a significant Muslim population is nowhere near what the US has become with 1 in 5 now an immigrant or having 60 million with immigrant roots.

          This Towel of Babel is set to fall. Putin and Russia’s long history with the Muslim faith understands how to walk the tight rope. Putin is aligning himself with China and India, not the US and rest of the Western central banking world. For Putin, it is personal and about truth and about the millions upon millions of Christians that were killed under the Soviet Regime. The rulers of the US including Soros and his cohort understand this without it ever being said in any of their propaganda. Here is where Putin became the enemy of Soros and the rest of the shadow government and banking system of the west:

          • Yes, absolutely the Bolsheviks were not primarily Russians as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn informed us.
            I wish there was a true opponent to the NWO but it unfortunately is not Putin. If you carefully follow the money (big cross capital flows and multinationals), treaties, and military weapons flows then you’ll find a very different picture behind the curtain of cooperation rather than the rivalry we observe in the lower tiers of n-dimensional chess geopolitics. One key to recognize how quickly this process is unfolding is to understand what has already been completed in the march to a world government authoritarian technocracy and how that is emerging largely under the banner of UN Agenda 2030 where it’s being fully implemented in Russia under the euphemism Strategy 2030.
            It also helps being aware of the history of the global elite banksters and their minions aiding the rise of the Bolsheviks and then Lenin, Stalin, and the propping up of the USSR through technology transfers by Kissinger and others. This process of cabal close collaboration and pyramid cap deep capture consolidation continued even after the fall of the Soviet Union – which is why top global bankster Larry Summers went to officially advise Russia on the privatization of the assets of the Russian people.
            Regional governance is definitely arriving in lock step with technocracy. Eventually the US and Russia are set to fracture, along with many other nations. In the meantime, Israel is pivoting to Russia (to join the EEU) as the GCC and EU create their regional armies with the EEU not far behind. Israel’s pivot explains why Kissinger bizarrely predicted a few years ago the US would abandon Israel. The Israel pending shift is documented at the 7 minute mark by Australian YouTube blogger Brendon O’Connell.

  2. USA wus new world order initiative {united states}, your whole country is designed by established order of, {NEW WORLD}.
    Shakes head in disgust.*

  3. If you use established term of ‘governance’ to rule or be ruled, you’re apart of an IMPERIAL new world order.
    So if/ you have a ‘government’ your already infiltrated and subjects of this order.
    So now you know it was a class war~ greets#

  4. Unfortunately Kurz seems to be accepting of the Zionists, but maybe that will change now that he has won the election.
    “In 1955, 20th Century Fox awarded Monroe the richest per-film contract of any actress.”
    “It means,” remarked Monroe, “I’ll never have to suck another Jewish cock again!”

    • Hello, John Cook. Check out the details of the emergence of global technocracy entering largely under the banner of UN Agenda 2030 and the privatization of public infrastructure and resources as regionalism supplants national sovereignty – more centralization by the usual suspects.
      For instance, BREXIT was a head fake. As detailed by the UK Column, Britain is dismantling significant portions of her military including transferring nuclear submarines to the new EU regional military force publicly announced last year.
      Check out the YouTube channel of Australian Brendon O’Connell. His views resonate strongly with yours (Zionism) and I think he’s right on target – only missing the Technocracy endgame, otherwise perfect clarity and great research digs. In the short video below he exposes Israel’s theft of technology, the Talpiot program, and Israel’s pivot to the EEU / Russia as the west is being dismantled for a prison planet. Now we know why a few years ago Kissinger suggested at some point the US would abandon Israel or throw it under the bus.
      Cheers & G’day.

      • Wow!, thanks for that link. I’d forgotten about Brendon.
        It’s good to have my ideas disturbed – I really was getting comfortable with the ‘Putin is a good guy’ lie. Sigh, back to the drawing board. Note to myself – Beware Complacency.
        BTW Are you the same Blue I used to talk with back in the day?

        • Yep, that’s me. A little older and a little wiser. At least I hope so. LOL 😉
          I’m mostly commenting on BLN at this time. The editor of IWB asked me last year if I would be interested writing for IWB. That was after a friend mentioned my research to him. I wasn’t sure at the time if I was too far from the Establishment alt narrative to be a good match. I might put some comments in here now and then to see if my big pic presentations resonate.
          Hope to bump into you again sometime. Until then, be well and kind regards.

          • Thank you Blue – it’s nice to connect to someone I know in this haze of virtual ‘people’.
            I’ve been taking a break from ‘the hopeless war that MUST be fought’ to develop an idea for a sideways leap project… (See: – I’m nearly finished the prototype but losing heart because I know I’m not the ‘leader’ type that is needed.
            Unfortunately I’ve been outside the loop for so long that I don’t know what ‘BLN’ and ‘IWB’ stand for…

          • You’re here on IWB, Investment Watch Blog! LOL 😉
            BLN is Black Listed News. Very few in alt will give you the real deal because increasingly it’s too dangerous to do so and most sites are cointelpro or at least heavily infiltrated and compromised.
            That’s where I try to fill in the gap using limited hangouts and spin as teaching moments. We’re pretty much screwed and I think Brendon O’Connell understands that but not all of us want to live on our knees chipped and tagged like cattle.
            Great invention you have. You’re in a great location to test it! I live alongside the Colorado Rocky Mountains, no surfing here but the hiking is great and the vistas are superb.

          • Whoops – a bit of a facepalm moment there – IWB is even in the masthead lol.
            I’ve been watching Brenden’s videos all day (instead of working on finishing the WingBoard like I should be) and it’s reinforcing why I should carry on with my project.
            I just want to get the hell OUT – do something positive, maybe start again, form a new society with a group of Good people.
            There is another part of the project that I don’t think I mention on the web site, that is establishing a land base in the Nation of the Cook Islands. It’s a beautiful little Pacific island country that has only 15,000 people total.
            Imagine a real country with only a few thousand folk – and they haven’t been corrupted by the internet yet (it’s too expensive to use for anything but business). English is spoken by almost everyone and they are a lovely people. They even have an international airport.
            A company making WingBoards would be a big fish in a small pond and they will welcome us I think.
            Anyway, I’ll send you an invite if I ever manage to make it real.
            ps – Please tell anyone you know (that might be interested in getting involved) about it.

          • Sounds like paradise. Yes, I’ll kept it in mind and pass on the info when you give the word.
            Be wary about the global dragnet forming. It’s already aggressively moving to displace hundreds of millions of people around the globe, eventually billions, into dense urban corridors for Agendas 21 and 2030. No person on the planet will be allowed to “opt out”. Already China is relocating 100 million peasant farmers to the big stack and pack ghost cities everyone was wondering about a decade or so ago – to be completed by 2020. This year another 400,000 were moved off rural lands to “protect panda habitat” and a respected China scholar on govt policy has presented policy info on how China will be relocating many more people – I’m guessing likely on the percentage scale of Venezuela which intends to move relocate 40% of its population to dense urban corridors to fulfill its UN Agenda 2030 Sustainability goals.
            Here’s the story on the China peasant farmer project in the link. I recommend you consider following that news site ( or signing up for news feed alerts to keep your finger on the pulse of how fast this paradigm is shifting – and tell people you know about it. Maybe together we can create peaceful but effective friction. Absolute long shot, but what else can we do?
            Good luck with your projects, John. Take care.

          • Thanks. Will do. You too. It’s moving so fast these days – too fast for success in my opinion. I think (hope?) they are panicking. Everything the do seems to fail but they carry on.
            “Absolute long shot, but what else can we do?” Exactly.
            ps – I’m already subscribed to technocracy and will subscribe to IWB…

          • Already subscribed to, Patrick Woods website? You rock! LOL
            I’m very happy that, besides O’Connell, another one of your fellow Aussies is doing a great job helping people see the big pic, see past the Kabuki theater and focus on the control grid and technocracy. That would be Max Igan. If you’re interested here is the presentation he gave last month in Copenhagen at the Open Mind Conference.
            Hope to catch ya again another time. Skål! (I’m of Norwegian extraction, some Viking genes. :-))

          • Lol – I was actually listening to Max talking with Brendan when the notification of your reply arrived!
            ps And neglecting the WingBoard prototype Again…
            pps Not to mention ‘debating’ with a Flat Earther – I’ve found a way to defeat them quite easily. Btw I think the FE is a major psy-op, a bit like the ‘New Age’ crap.

          • Absolutely FE is a major psy op. Besides the usual distraction aspect, it has to be an operation designed to make conspiracy theorists doubt each other’s sanity (division) while making us look like whacko anti-science morons to the sheeple.
            We must be on some kind of resonant wavelength because earlier today someone was telling me how he used very savvy logic to wipe out an entire forum of flat earthers. He said the way they scurried away gave him the impression they were professional trolls. Bizarro World. It isn’t fair we’re stuck here with the zombies and psychopaths!

          • Glad you’re onto it – my technique is to focus on a single thing, and that is the Shape of Australia. In their view it’s almost three times expanded sideways, so I just refuse to be sidetracked and stick to the Reality that it IS about 4,000 km and CAN”T be the 11,000 km their theory claims. Note how this is an easily verified fact – they are big on direct sensory perception being so concrete bound.
            The sticking to a single, but fundamental, issue is important – they typically try to inundate you with a mass if claims (they call them ‘proofs’ which shows they have no concept of what the word proof means).

          • Good falsifiable strategy. I often use the same approach for other topics. Either it breaks the spell or they’re hopelessly mired in dyslogia.

          • Yes, I’m aware. Yesterday I posted it on Red Ice Radio with a brief description as the first comment yesterday on a new top front and center article on censorship. I didn’t get any replies. Crickets. I thought they might be very receptive.
            Sorry about your YT problems and not able to watch the video. The report says Brendon is being held without charge, for a little over a week. He was arrested arriving by plane in New Zealand from Malaysia. A NZ politician encouraged him to seek asylum there. He had one hearing and is awaiting another. He is being represented by lawyers who report he says he is being treated well. That’s it for the update.
            So you have Firefox as your browser. Are you aware Firefox has gone the way of Google with censorship organizations funded by the likes of George Soros and Pierre Omidyar. (Omidyar is as bad a Soros at this point). Also Google Chrome and MSN Explorer are both blocking access to many websites that are simply harmless conspiracy nodes.

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