European Union Certifies Crickets, Mealworms and Grasshoppers As Human Food… SIGN O’ THE TIMES

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Bugs to be commercialized in dried, powdered and frozen forms

Insects seen as an alternate source of protein to animal meat
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Crunchy, nutritious and now likely to hit dinner plates and supermarket isles; three types of bugs have now been certified as food fit for human consumption by the European Union.
European member states have recently approved house crickets, yellow mealworms and grasshoppers as so-called ‘novel foods’ which provides regulation for new them to be brought to market.

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The bugs are permitted to be sold in frozen, dried and powdered forms. Protix BV, which operates Europe’s biggest insect farm, says the move will allow them to commercialize insects as a sustainable protein alternative in dishes various types of food, such as cereal bars or dried pasta.

“You might be able to trade down on some things; instead of the high-priced turkeys or steaks, you might consider something less expensive on that side of the dinner table,” said Curt Covington, senior director of institution credit at AgAmerica Lending, which loans money to farmers. But there’s no escaping it: Everything on the holiday table “is just going to be more expensive.”

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