Europe’s Winter of Discontent

by Chris Black

Sixty percent of Europeans

 are not willing to put up with further increased fuel and food prices, but that is exactly what they are going to get.

The hardest winter since that of 1941 is about to slam into Europe. The stability and unity of the neoliberal order will be further degraded, if not outright broken.

As the agricultural season and the summer travel boom come to an end so to do pressures keeping prices down. 

Fuel and good are going to become precipitously more expensive.

 So expensive as to soon become out of reach for the poorest White-Europeans.

 All while the Euro depreciates and inflation is running red hot.

And, to compound it all, a true famine in the third world will likely drive millions upon millions of racially foreign migrants to once again assault the frontiers of Europe.

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None of this will change so long as the traitorous neoliberal elite and their jewish handlers in the US and European capitals continue to antagonize Russia.

Prepare, my fellow Europeans.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is a prime example of the Neoliberal elite which control the West.

Russia has shut down much the fuel supply to Germany, perhaps permanently. (

The German government is warning of major protests and perhaps riots relating to the cost of living and fuel prices.

The solution here would be for the German government to break from the D.C. and Brussels position of antagonizing Russia. Germany should be pursuing its own foreign policy with its national interests in mind.

But no, of course not.

Chancellor Scholz wants to remove the national veto ( on EU foreign policy matters. 

Officially ending the sovereignty of all European Union member states and forcing them to abandon any pursuit of national interests, interests which are quite divergent.


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