Even Alan Dershowitz Says There Is No Crime To Warrant The Mueller Special Counsel

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by Robert Carbery

What is the Crime?

Proud Hillary Clinton voter and current constitutional/criminal law scholar and former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said a few days ago that a special counsel should not have been appointed to investigate President Donald Trump as there is simply no criminal statute or crime that he or his campaign is alleged to have committed.
Special counsels are appointed to discover federal crimes so why was former FBI Director Robert Mueller assigned to the case if there is no criminal statute that has been violated?
At the end of the day, Special Counsel Mueller “is going to find no crime,” according to Dershowitz. Trump did not obstruct justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey earlier this month and anything that was said between the two can be easily misconstrued by a media with an obvious agenda to destroy the president.
On Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker pointed out, “You asked a question nobody has asked, which is, ‘What is the crime to which the Special Counsel is responding’? What is the answer?” To this, Dershowitz clarified that he was a proud voter of Hillary Clinton and is a supporter of civil liberties and as such, he just does not see a crime here. “Perhaps some political wrongdoing,” Dershowitz clarified, but nothing that violated any laws.
“But even if, for example, the [Trump] campaign coordinated — which there is no evidence of — but coordinated activities with Russia,” said Dershowitz. “And even if Russia and the campaign said, ‘gee, wouldn’t it be better if Trump were elected?’ That’s political wrongdoing, but it’s just not a crime.”
But the liberals and the mainstream media continue to conflate political wrongdoing with violating the law and perhaps even an act of treason. There still has been no proof linking President Trump to the Russians. There has been no violation of any statute. And yet, the presumption of guilt continues from our Democratic Party mouthpiece AKA NBC, ABC, CNN, Washington Post, NYT, etc.
“Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated,” said Dershowitz.  “And a prosecutor is only allowed to look for evidence of a federal crime. And the reason I think Trump may benefit from this is this will be a secret proceeding.” Therefore, we finally won’t have to deal with another damning leak from this investigation every week or so.
Carlson later in the interview with Dershowitz asked about Wikileaks and the claim that the Trump campaign somehow coordinated the release of DNC and Clinton campaign emails with Russian officials.
“I want to get back to your first point which is there is, there is no crime being alleged,” said Carlson. “So, I’m hearing Democrats every night say, it’s likely that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians on the timing of the WikiLeaks dump. If there is no evidence of that, but if that turns out to be true, that’s not a crime?”
Dershowitz responded, “Of course not. Why would that be a crime? It would be like The Washington Post publishing WikiLeaks. As long as the Trump administration, or no individual told them to hack the DNA [DNC], that would be obviously very different, or gave them information that was useful in hacking the DNC, but just knowing that they hacked the DNC taking advantage of that fact, it’s not a crime.”
So even Alan Dershowitz does not think there should be a special counsel for this crime that did not happen and has not been proven or even alleged at this point. All of which goes to prove that there is no special counsel needed for this witch hunt into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia. It didn’t happen. There’s not even any smoke anymore. So what will happen?
They’ll start a fire.

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2 thoughts on “Even Alan Dershowitz Says There Is No Crime To Warrant The Mueller Special Counsel

  1. They will start their own fire is right! (((Dershowitz))) making sense here. “What exactly is the crime?”

  2. Now that Comey has been put out of the FBI he can no longer cover for the deep State/CIA ASSets from being prosecuted so THEY brought in Mueller to COVER up any wrongdoing on the part of Comey & all the OTHER criminals.
    Mueller was TOLD by the CIA to back off investigations he had ongoing while FBI director during 9/11 (Daily KOS) that could have revealed the coverup, so Mueller is an obedient Muppet & Comey will walk away clean, THAT …. in MY opinion, is the REAL reason he is there.

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