Even ‘EV’ Elon Musk mocks Biden’s ‘green’ hucksters

You know things are getting bad for Team Biden when Elon Musk is mocking its ludicrous push for everything green.

That’s right. The dude who made his billions off the greening of America with his electric-car company known as Tesla is now gaslighting the Biden administration’s delusional agenda.

Musk is known to speak his mind, so I’m not totally shocked he’s now throwing shade on Team Biden’s latest green gimmick — that we should immediately dump our nasty gas guzzlers for the allegedly affordable electric vehicles offered by Tesla and, increasingly, the mainstream automobile industry.

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But what’s surprising me is that even financial executives who have embraced the green revolution, people like Larry Fink, the CEO of money-management powerhouse BlackRock, are increasingly urging caution on the overnight transition to a green economy, including an immediate embrace of electric vehicles.

The consequences, they warn, will be rapid inflation even above the pace we’re seeing now. It’s a massive tax on the poor and working class who will have to pay more to travel to work and eat given the costs associated with energy consumption. As oil is climbing to $150 a barrel and gas prices head toward $8 a gallon in some places because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s the last thing we as country need right now.



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