Even Fitch starts to see cracks … Wow… Morgan Stanley’s chief equity strategist is telling investors that they need to get out of stocks right now

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Timing is everything and Morgan Stanley’s chief equity strategist Mike Wilson is telling investors that they need to get out of stocks right now even if the market still has some upside potential.

Employing a rodeo metaphor, Wilson on Monday urged his clients to “dismount” as the market’s rally since late 2018 is starting to look precarious.

“Maybe the bull ride since Dec. 24 has not gone a full ‘8 seconds’ but we’d look to dismount anyway—we’re close enough and bulls can be dangerous animals,” he said in a report, referring to the number of seconds a bull rider is required to stay on to earn a score for a ride.

Indeed, the strategist said the market’s action has been a “short and volatile ride” since the December plunge and the sell signals aren’t as obvious as from when the S&P 500 SPX, +0.02% traded above 2,900 but it is time to look for greener pastures.

“We struggle to see the upside in hanging on just to see how long we can. We think it is better to hop off now and rest up for the next rodeo,” said Wilson.


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