Even France is noticing what’s going on with the US workforce quitting in large numbers.

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The figure has reached a historical high in the annals of the Employment department. In August, 4.3 million people have resigned from their post in the United States, increasing the rate of turn-over among the employed population of 2.9 %. A rate by half a percentage point above its level before the pandemic, and it jumped a lot faster than when the output of the previous crisis.

The phenomenon already gives rise to a formula : “The Great Resignation” – The Great Resignation. It illustrates what many perceive as a major turning point in the world of work : employees who, with the pandemic, have changed the way they report to work.

The testimonies abound in the tech industry, but not only. In New York, a banker remembers a week where six employees have resigned in two days : two for back to school, one to go with a competitor, another to change the sector… In an internal study, 5 % of its teams say they consider a change of career, compared to just 1 % before the crisis. Still on the East coast, a pharmaceutical company must offer to $ 100,000 a year for hope to attract a profile of a qualified technician, well beyond what was there for a further two years.


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