Remember to be careful when receiving emails from your “bank”, they are very easy to fake.

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by Letitbemesickgirl​

I just received this email, which on first glance (or possibly to less computer-savvy people) looks legitimate. One of the things that gives it away is the weird email signature, but it takes you to a website that mirrors the Chase website (the URL also gives it away, but again some people can be less computer savvy). I literally got this email a few minutes after having trouble placing an online order too, so the timing was impeccable. I sent screenshots to my best friend, and she agreed she knows people who would have fallen for it.

ALWAYS remember that your bank may text you for any weird charges ( it again….also easy to fake), but the best way to go about things is to call the 1-800-# on your physical card or go through the banking app.

Be careful


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