Even George Orwell, the man the left always props up, felt strongly about the necessity for an individual to keep their firearm(s): “That rifle on the wall of the laborer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”

Hat tip to Lucian Wintrich @ the Gateway Pundit for the quote.
I’m convinced not a single one of those morons actually read 1984.
Here’s Orwell’s nightmare scenario in 1984

  • destruction of the family unit
  • Thought police (offensive thoughts / language is dangerous)
  • No privacy
  • No guns or any other means of defending yourself against the state
  • Powerful central government in which citizens are completely dependent upon
  • Dishonest Media / Propaganda
  • Anti – Tradition
  • Erasing Past History
  • Morph language to be as generic and inoffensive as possible
  • Equal outcome (socialism)

Lmao it’s a f*cking joke. We ought to co-opt their claim that 1984 is anti-conservative and claim that reading 1984 ought to be mandatory curriculum in high school because Drumpf. If the book is properly read, Mass red-pilling would ensue.
h/t HamstersAreReal