Even PBS had to admit it. Biden is a failure on every level. Everything Biden touches turns to sh*t.

Per the story-

Well, in terms of issues, we ask for approval ratings in how he’s doing with immigration, which — where he scored very poorly, just 27 percent approving. We also took a look at how he’s doing with COVID. And, sadly, this is — you might say, is the high watermark for him. He still doesn’t get 50 percent approval on how he’s doing with COVID. And that’s his benchmark issue.

He also only gets 36 percent approval with the economy. And as the economy goes, so goes the president’s standing. So it’s no surprise that that number, at 36, is almost exactly what his overall numbers are for approval.

WELL, THEY’RE RIGHT: Growing majority say Biden not ‘up to the job.’

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Biden’s support fading fast, as CNBC survey finds concerns on the economy, Covid and inflation

Supply chain crisis not seen since WWII when ‘there were submarines sinking commercial traders’ will bring retail DISASTER for Christmas: Resellers jack up toy costs by as much as 400% as goods fly off shelves and freight remains stranded

  • Unprecedented crisis hasn’t been seen since WWII when ‘there were submarines sinking commercial traders,’ toy expert Jay Foreman says 
  • This year’s hottest toys are already selling out, with some resellers jacking up the prices by 400%
  • Thousands of freight containers filled with Christmas toys, decorations and more are stranded at California ports, where ships queue for weeks to unload
  • Biden administration has come under fire for its ‘too little, too late’ response to the backlog
  • Half of Americans haven’t even started their shopping yet, a survey by Morning Consult found
  • Generation Z and millennial shoppers are likely to be most significantly affected by the supply shortage, another survey found
  • About 70 percent of younger shoppers said an item they wanted was already out of stock in stores and 72 percent said it was out of stock online 
  • 65% found an item to be backordered or delivery delayed
  • It’s not just toys and goods: Food items could become harder to find as the holiday rush approaches and grocery sector faces its own supply chain crisis 
  • Overall food prices are skyrocketing in the US: beef has jumped 12.2 percent during the past year and bacon increased 17 percent, DOL says
  • Meat, poultry, fish and eggs sold at an eight percent premium this year, with prices up 15.7 percent since August 2019

Backlog of cargo ships at southern California ports reaches an all-time high

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