Even Politico forced to admit that Comey violated FBI Policy and may have broken Federal laws

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Even the libs are now forced to face the facts that Comey’s leak was potentially a crime and definitely against FBI policies. Of course Politico still had to twist the story to try and put Comey in the best light. Just look at the headline…
History on Comey’s side as Trump brands him a ‘leaker
Comey’s disclosures may have violated bureau policies, and could lead to him being rebuked by the FBI or Justice Department. But agencies have little other recourse against former employees in these circumstances, legal experts said.
A finding that Comey breached FBI rules could do some damage to his reputation. However, there’s no history of cases like this being prosecuted criminally, lawyers said.
“For Comey, the greatest danger is not one of criminality, but of credibility,” said George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley. “What Comey did was grossly unprofessional. He actually, in my, view, hampered the investigation.”
FBI policy does appear to prohibit former employees from disclosing work-related records without advance clearance from the law enforcement agency.
“All information created and acquired by current and former employees … in connection with official FBI duties, as well as all official material to which FBI personnel have access, is the property of the United States,” FBI policy says. “FBI personnel must surrender all materials in their possession that contain FBI information upon FBI demand or upon separation from the FBI.”
The FBI’s standard employment agreement reads: “I will not reveal, by any means, any information or material from or related to FBI files or any other information acquired by virtue of my official employment to any unauthorized recipient without prior official written authorization by the FBI.”
“I would be astonished if the FBI supported Comey in terms of his handling of this information … If they accepted this, you would have a virtual collapse of a wide array of regulations governing dissemination of information.”
Several federal criminal laws could potentially apply, including some that prohibit disclosure of various types of classified information. However, Comey insists the memos he shared are unclassified.
Judicial Watch: Comey’s Home and Office Should Have Been Raided by US Marshals Following Leak Confession (VIDEO)
“This admission today is stunning. I would argue that Mr. Comey’s notes are property of the United States government and that he has absconded with them. Frankly if I were Attorney General, about 20 minutes after his confession today in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Deputy U.S. Marshals would have raided his home and office. As well as Mr. Richman at Columbia Law School.

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Bill O’Reilly explains that Comey is in trouble for leaking

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3 thoughts on “Even Politico forced to admit that Comey violated FBI Policy and may have broken Federal laws

    • I want to be angry with you…and tell you not to be so anti-American…but I can’t, because you’re not. Sadly…YOU ARE CORRECT.

  1. “Even the libs are now forced to face the facts that Comey’s leak was potentially a crime and definitely against FBI policies.”
    Just as obvious is the fact that, like EVERYONE else on the Left, Comey will NEVER be held to account! Look at how neatly Hillary was let off–BY COMEY! Not to mention AG Lynch’s skating on her part in Runwaygate. Democrats enjoy immunity of prosecution. They’re a protected class.

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