Even the British Government are Now Saying that the Globalists are Interfering in the Democratic Process

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by Mark Angelides

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has suggested (in fact, outright accused) that Globalist figures both at the head of European nations and within the European Union (EU) Commission are seeking to derail the upcoming, June 8th, General Election in an effort to sink the Brexit position. Speaking to press in front of Downing Street, just after informing the Queen of the dissolution of Parliament (a formality before each election), she launched a tirade much in the style of “Mr. Brexit” himself, Nigel Farage.
She said: “The European commission’s negotiating stance has hardened. Threats against Britain have been issued by European politicians and officials. All of these acts have been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election which will take place on 8 June.”
These words make it very clear that she believes there is a high ranking group of people who are actively engaged in trying to affect the Sovereign Electoral Outcome. She continued:
“But the events of the last few days have shown that whatever our wishes, and however reasonable the positions of the Europe’s other leaders, there are some in Brussels who do not want these talks to succeed, who do not want Britain to prosper.”
In response to this, Michel Bernier, one of the EU’s most “active assassins” in the Brexit debate said that “Some have created the illusion that Brexit would have no material impact on our lives or that negotiations can be concluded quickly and painlessly. This is not the case. We need sound solutions, we need legal precision and this will take time.”
And Mrs. May, if we take a wider world view, is not wrong. Those who would promote Globalism and the destruction of nation state sovereignty are the real power in the world. They have the Governments, they have the Media, they have the banking and economic institutions, and they will let no “Rogue” politicians hold up their plans by getting democratically elected.
In previous years, it was enough to send money, Global Influence and MSM cooperation towards their favoured candidate, but after 2016, this has proven to be a risky method. Now they will only allow their own candidates in elections.
Emmanuel Macron, the French Presidency front runner, is a prime example of this. He is a former Rothschild Banker, placed in the President Hollande government (unelected), who has already met with EU leaders to discuss his Presidency. Macron is being put in place by the Globalists to continue their agenda. He is an openly Pro-EU, Pro-Globalist who has made millions as a banker and is being presented by the MSM as a “radical outsider”. Prepare to see even more of this political skullduggery as they tighten their grip on nations.

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2 thoughts on “Even the British Government are Now Saying that the Globalists are Interfering in the Democratic Process

  1. Sir Winston Churchill would have been very proud of Prime Minister Theresa May and her methodology of preserving British Sovereignty and English Culture. Well Done, Madam Prime Minister! 🙂

  2. “But they must be wrong… We all know it’s the RUSSIANS interfering in the democratic process! Be very very scared if Russia! Russia bad, US good!”
    — The Clinton News Network (CNN)

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