America Shocked Once Again, As FBI Director Comey Clears Huma Abedin Of Wrongdoing In Forwarding Classified Information To Anthony Weiner.

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by Pamela Williams
Comey said FBI could not prove that Huma Abedin had any kind of criminal intent in forwarding classified Clinton emails to her husband Anthony Weiner.  Weiner did not have a security clearance, and Comey said he most likely did not read them.  
At a hearing today, FBI Director James Comey testified that Huma Abedin forwarded a bunch of Hillary Clinton’s emails to Anthony Weiner’s laptop.  Lindsey Graham asked Comey if Weiner had a security clearance, as he jokingly said “that would be even worse, wouldn’t it?”  He, also, asked Comey if it was against the law for her to send classified information to someone without a security clearance.  
Graham was jokingly  questioning Comey, but the questions he asked were no joke.  Ted Cruz did an excellent job in questioning Comey, and in my opinion Cruz exposed the true joke is that James Comey is actually the Director of the FBI.  In fact, the whole Hillary Clinton email investigation and now Huma Abedin’s investigation performed by Comey is no doubt a blatant slap in the face to the American people.  It is a bizarre game of cat and mouse in which the mouse scares the cat off.  It is abnormal to think that a FBI agent would risk his career in such a way it makes him look ignorant of the law, or that he is being blackmailed.  
How else can one explain this second round of shocking betrayal and prejudice by Director Comey?  He is plainly taking care of Hillary Clinton and her staff, even at the destruction of his own career and staff.  Not to mention the public’s trust of the FBI.  I am not only shocked, but I am enraged.  I cannot think of one thing that has gone right for the American people.  We are being crushed by a Judicial System that has stepped on our minds for way too long.   It is hard to think clearly when every investigation into our officials is biased and in error in its findings.
Here are some of the comments made on Twitter concerning these findings on Abedin by the FBI:

  1. “Comey says Huma Abedin had a regular habit of emailing emails, including classified material, to  Anthony Weiner to print out.”
  2. “Comey says they have not yet interviewed Weiner.  He says Abedin forwarded emails to him to print, but he doesn’t think he read them.”
  3. “Comey said the FBI could not prove that Huma Abedin had any kind of criminal intent in forwarding those emails.”


  1. “Comey on Abedin:  ‘We didn’t have any indication that she had a sense of what she was doing was in violation of the law.’
  2. “WUT? Comey says Huma had no criminal intent when she repeatedly forwarded classified emails to Anthony Weiner, so no prosecution.”
  3. “Our intelligence sources say they have “the rules beaten into them” and that if they had done this they would have been prosecuted 4 same.”

The below is a video of Senator Ted Cruz grilling FBI Director Comey on the Huma Abedin investigation.  Cruz is a good man, and he did a really good job in the questioning of Comey.  Alas, the American people are sealed to their fate it seems.  We are being made to watch as the elite destroy our Judicial System in order to save themselves.  Our hands seem tied, our hearts are heavy, as we deal again with betrayal.

Published on May 3, 2017
Senator Ted Cruz got a chance to ask FBI Director James Comey some questions and his first one right off the bat is the one I would have asked.

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11 thoughts on “America Shocked Once Again, As FBI Director Comey Clears Huma Abedin Of Wrongdoing In Forwarding Classified Information To Anthony Weiner.

  1. So; if a person were to sell what they know to be is stolen goods on to another person, they get charged with grand larceny, accessory to the fact, and more…
    If certain others pass classified material (knowing it to be classified) on to another person who has not been cleared or has the need to know, well…that’s even more of an outrage.
    If I remember, the Rosenbergs who passed classified nuclear secrets to the Russians in the late 1940’s were executed!

  2. Comey is ignorant (or hopes that you are) of 18 U.S. Code § 793 (f) which clearly states that intent is not required to be in violation of exposing classified information.

  3. It’s not up to James Comey to decide whether or not to prosecute. That’s the Loretta Lynch Doctrine, in which the AG allows a civilian like James Comey to decide on possible charges in order to allow a good friend and fellow boss to commit crimes. Jeff Sessions can prosecute Abedin regardless of what Comey says. Get at it, Sessions.

  4. Lets be perfectly clear, the law does NOT require intent, nor is ignorance of the law an excuse “as judges are so fond of telling those who had no intent to break the law”
    Comey is a lying scumbag criminal, who is assisting his fellow criminals.. PUT THEM ALL IN PRISON, INCLUDING COMEY!~

  5. Comey has made this entire investigation into a debacle and, who knows, maybe it’s being done on purpose to let this whole thing die. One thing is clear to me, the FBI has been seriously tainted because of this and Comey should be fired.

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