Is Chelsea Clinton Being Groomed to Run for Office?

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Over the past few weeks, there has been a plethora of speculations as to whether or not Chelsea Clinton has plans to make a bid for the Presidency in the future.Chelsea Clinton is 37-years-old and Vice President of the notorious Clinton Foundation. The Clinton family has earned infamy for being corrupt criminals who somehow manage to skate by, mainly due to their money, connections, and affiliation as elites of the Democrat Party.

America is fed up with the Clinton family. Chelsea’s father was impeached from office due to lying about his infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky. Chelsea’s mother is widely regarded as untrustworthy and dishonest due to her email scandal, her direct involvement in the Benghazi scandal, and her acceptance of debate questions from Donna Brazile during the 2016 election. These transgressions are only a fraction of the Clintons’ crimes. Chelsea Clinton has nothing to offer America and would be bussing tables at her local New York diner if not for her last name.

Instead of encouraging Chelsea Clinton to run for office, America should promote a candidate who is qualified, experienced, and well suited for the Presidency. Chelsea is not responsible for the misdeeds of her parents, but she has no notable achievements and has never had to work for anything.  Everything she owns and every job she’s ever had is due to the influence of Bill and Hillary Clinton. What qualifies her to be the leader of the free world? Chelsea Clinton is nothing more than another elitist and quite frankly, she’s overrated and unfit to be anyone’s President.