EVERGRANDE HAVE DEFAULTED… China Pulled an ’08… The Financial Media is trying to claim that the SUDDEN selloff right now is caused by “Inflation” rather than Evergrande news leaking.

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I posted the evergrande default/bankruptcy post earlier. While the news is spreading like wildfire on social media, no mainstream financial news outlet seems to have picked up the story about DMSA yet. The sudden market selloff coincided with this news spreading almost exactly. However, a bunch of articles are now popping up about the sudden selloff, relating it to the inflation report rather than Evergrande.

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I’m usually not one to buy into media conspiracies, but at this point there is almost no denying these guys are all sitting on this story. The inflation report barely made a dent this AM compared to this news leaking out. At this point the press release from DMSA is verified, and has not been retracted, so I really cannot see any excuse to not report it unless they’re worried (or warning their buddies to bail)

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[Official DMSA Statement] DMSA is preparing bankruptcy proceedings against Evergrande


Wait till you find out how many empty commercial buildings we actually have in America and how the cmbs are the next 2008:)



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