Evergrande’s debt compared to payment to investors

The graph might be misleading: Evergrande has a debt spread to YEARS for repayment. Its not a single debt, but a overall total debt.

– Evergrande need to pay 83 millioner dollars on Thursday.

– Evergrande need to pay investors 47.5 million usd by sep. 27.

– if the bonds pay is 5%, then they owe $41 million per DAY just in interest.

– Evergrande need to pay a total of 600 million in 2021. Leaving it 304.4 in debt.


The central graph is 5 pixels tall, the right graph is 3/4 pixels tall. The left graph is about 8,192 pixels tall.

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1 billion $ = 1000 * million.

305 billion $ = 305,000 * million.

The two upcoming payments is 132.5 Million USD combined.

That is 1/2,301.8 compared to their debt.

or 0.043%.


h/t isnisse


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