Every Democrat Policy is a colossal failure.

All Democrat policies are failures. Prove me wrong, they have literally done nothing to help hardworking people in this country.
They support Illegal “mass immigration”…voter replacement..
They support Trans weirdos ruining women sports and raping little girls in highskrool bathrooms.
They support communism, which is responsible for the murder of 10s of millions.
They support horrific abortion procedures, then harvesting dead baby parts to experiment with.
They support “imbecilic” mask, social distancing & vaccine mandates, all of which have only made the problem worse.
They support defunding the police, until the thugs start coming to their neighborhood, and brazenly stealing “their stuff”.
They support basically anything that is destructive to the United States I grew up and loved..
Remember “fundamentally transform this country” B.O…

Name one thing Democrats have done that worked or fixed anything but their own pocketbook.!
I don’t wish harm on anyone, unlike democrat psychopaths who hate, hate, hate anyone who doesn’t think in lockstep with them…ie..denying social security, denying medical care, denying travel & getting let go from your job. They hate us..Republicans & Trump supporters…!

I hope they reflect on this as they slowly succumb to the EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY they have lined up for, like so many “star belly sneatches”…VAIDS is a real thing, myocardial is a real thing, bells palsy, stroke, death are all real vaccine side effects.
If you people didn’t vote, we could just laugh at how stupid the whole lot of you are…but, you are actually making the world a weird f’d up place…you make the planet worse, whining & bitching about your victim hood, wanting to sit on your Asses and collect checks while the Men work.!
Worrying about sh*t that has no relevance on normal people lives.

I’m done with my rant.
There is no reasoning or rationalizing with you democrats & you seem to be like so many sheep that dont understand that people EAT THEM..!

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At some point we just abandon you to your own reprobate mind…and refuse to rescue/help you.
Remember, most cops and people who do dangerous & difficult work are conservatives…!

As a reminder to D. Sheep…go get your vaccines & multiple boosters…please.
Then we can let Darwin do his work & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN..!

Go Brandon.!



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