Every time I see the news, it steals my attention for a while and then hours later I realize that TPTB won another war and the majority of the public didn’t even know there was a fight. The media is bombarded with so much “news” the conspiracy story comes and goes before anyone notices it happened.

by bigbootybigdoody

When something big comes to light, whether it’s government corruption, a massive pedophile ring, terrorist and “terrorist” attacks, human experimentation and well as human rights violations, attention grabbing stories flood the media. We are all aware of it and its purpose. A news story breaks about how the government is involved in illegal experimentation on the military. It’s a huge story. Several individuals risked their careers and their lives to blow the whistle as well as get the story out there. And then all of a sudden. Two a-list celebrities are outed as sexual predators. There’s stories, witnesses, and all sorts of evidence. Boom, conspiracy is out of the news cycle. Well, for people like us it wasn’t good enough. We still tracked the conspiracy. We still talked about it and investigated it. We told everyone that was willing to listen. Sure, the general public weren’t seeing the original report anymore, but it wasn’t completely covered up.

Fast forward to today. I feel like there’s a new strategy. Sure, it’s always been better to keep your conspiracy hidden, but when that fails to be an option, what do they do? They flood the media. There’s too many potential conspiracies, too many stories being broken. The story hits the news cycle and there’s a fresh batch of conspiracy stories as well as celebrity sexual predator stories and school shootings all right behind one another. They’ve made it impossible to not only discuss the conspiracy issues but to keep track of everything that’s happening.

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Sure, we try our best to keep talking about and investigating potential conspiracies, but when we are limited in our news outlets and the majority of people lose interest or have their attention shifted to another story our resources are negligent.

There’s half a dozen potential conspiracies from the Vegas shooting up until now. And in the same time period how many school shootings, celebrity sexual predators, war in the middle east, a royal wedding, NK/SK peace talks, have taken place? How many of those stories really warrant our attention? Not to mention the disinformation campaigns that take place, as well as the normal astroturfing that takes place do discredit any facts that may come to light.

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So, what am I getting at? There’s just too much going on. They used to try and hide a story forever, and when it came out it would be big news and they’d try to downplay it by bringing up how many years ago it took place. Well now, the conspiracy is fresh, but as soon as we find out about it five, ten other topics hit the news cycle. The ink is barely dry on the conspiracy story by the time they start printing up the new stories. I don’t even know what to do at this point. I’ll bring up a news story I saw about a conspiracy and there’s a good chance the people I’m talking to either didn’t see it or only heard about it in passing. I will keep investigating and spreading knowledge, but it feels like its even more of a struggle than it was 2-3 years ago. If anyone has some advice, please share it with me.


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