Every time the PM of Canada is held responsible for serious lack of leadership or acting like a 3rd world dictator, he tests positive for Covid and hides at home like a teenager that refuses to go to school on the day of difficult test. Embarrassing!

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by Professional-Time-50

When the country was going through freedom convoy protests, he refused to address the protesters concerns and hide for first couple of weeks under pretext of covid.


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Now that all the lies are coming out about why he was justified and urged by Law Enforcement Agencies to Evoke Emergency Act in Canada in response to the freedom convoy, he conveniently test for covid again to avoid any public scrutiny or the need to answer to the opposition in the house of commons.

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I wonder how many times can one, very highly vaccinated leader use the excuse of getting covid before realizing he is making a totally mockery not only of his leadership but also of the effectiveness of the vaccine. There is no need to point out the lack of vaccine effectiveness against getting covid any longer, the leaders that are the biggest proponents of the jab are destroying its reputation all by themselves.

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