Everyone’s a FED Nowadays

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by Chris Black

Propaganda wire service trying to humanize a Stasi spy. Not surprising, they used to build statues glorifying the children who snitched on their parents for ideological crimes.

None of the “KKK murder plots” he “foiled” were viable or real — Moore drove all of them.

This is staged theater, where half the terrorists are literally actors, that the FBI puts on to justify their enormous counter terror budgets and give Jewish political donors to both parties at the ADL a bunch of hoaxes to use to discredit white advocacy.

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The take away from this: if you decide to work as an FBI informant, you are pretty much ruining your own life as well as the lives of innocent people.

Also this: NYT exposes FBI infiltration of left wing George Floyd protests… claims “no evidence” for Jan 6 infiltration

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