Everything is going swimmingly in the new Biden era….

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Everyday products are about to get more expensive, companies warn: Plastic, paper, sugar, grain and other commodities are all getting more expensive as demand outpaces supply.

WASHINGTON — Toilet paper, baby care products, soft drinks and many other everyday products are about to get more expensive.

Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark and Coca-Cola have all warned that they’ll raise prices on many of their products as raw material costs rise. Plastic, paper, sugar, grain and other commodities are all getting more expensive as demand outpaces supply. Companies are also paying more for shipping as fuel costs rise and ports experience longer delays because of congestion.

The potential hit to consumers’ wallets comes as the economy returns to some semblance of normalcy. Vaccine distribution continues at a steady pace, promising to put the worst of the pandemic and business shutdowns in the past. States have been loosening restrictions and businesses are reopening to a lot of pent up demand from people who have been staying cautiously close to home during the pandemic.

But that improving economy and pent-up demand is straining distribution channels for raw materials and other goods.

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It’s hard to believe we once lived in a world where people willingly chucked chicken wings in the trash due to just how inferior of a cut of meat they were viewed as. Of course, that was a world that had never been exposed to the transcendental experience that comes with eating chicken wings that have been deep-fried before being tossed in Frank’s Red Hot.

“NORMALCY:” NCLA Warns About the Disturbing Trend of “Executive Lawmaking” in Biden’s First 100 Days. “Biden’s blitz of executive lawmaking means he has now signed more executive orders than any of the last three presidents had published in the Federal Register in their first 100 days. Biden has issued 41 executive orders, surpassing Trump (25), Obama (19), and Bush (11).”

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FIRE EVERYONE. BURN EVERY INSTITUTION TO THE GROUND. SALT THE EARTH:  Official documents reveal officials colluded with a PR firm working for the Biden campaign pressuring social media to suppress posts.

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BLUE ON BLUE: Former Obama Administration Scientist Trashes Biden’s Climate ‘Hysteria.’

To listen to the climate change alarmists, we only have a few years left to change the course of “man-made climate change” before the damage to our planet is irreversible, yada, yada, yada, we’re all going to die unless we pay billions of dollars to other countries.

Dr. Steven Koonin, the former undersecretary for the Department of Energy under President Obama, is calling out the Biden administration for its position on the “climate crisis” and says the data doesn’t support the “hysteria.”

“What I realized, is that, although you hear people talking about ‘we’re going to believe in the science, the science is settled, we’ve got an existential crisis’ – when you actually read the science, it doesn’t support that kind of hysteria at all,” he said in an interview with Fox News last week.

THAT’S TRUE ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS: Joe Biden Proved He Doesn’t Understand the Purpose of the 2nd Amendment.


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