“Everything woke turns to shit.” – Donald J. Trump

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by IronWolve

Donald Trump: ‘Everything Woke Turns to S**t’

NAVY TRAINING GOES WOKE: Boot camp to include classes on suicide prevention, hazing, racism and sexual assault after numerous crisis over past number of years.

  • The Navy will add two weeks of training to its boot camp program that focusing on suicide and sexual assault prevention, hazing and extremism
  • Navy Officials said it would tackle the problems the agency has faced involving the rise of suicides and sexual assaults, as well as fires and deadly ship collisions
  • It also includes the rise of extremism after several former and active military members took part in the January 6 Capitol riot
  • The changes were first suggested after the Navy found crew members were ill-prepared to stop a fire that destroyed a $1.2 billion ship in 2020


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