Everything you need to know about Russiagate.

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I stayed up all night last night working on this. This whole Russiagate hoax has really angered me. I sound like a liberal but seriously, it really works me up how the Democrat media can get away with lying every day. It just angers me.
The Problem = nobody is there to call their bluff. If ANYONE calls their bluff, they’re just a “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist looking for trouble”.
Before I start, please be aware that the United States of America’s founding principles disagree with the left-wing on almost EVERY topic.

Points of Russiagate that I’ll be covering:

  • What Russiagate is
  • The indictments
  • Events prior to and leading up to the hackings, along with events after or events surrounding them and the “reports”.
  • Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting
  • How the Democratic Party and the entire left-wing News Media industry clearly exhibit classic, textbook Narcissism, most especially in this case.
  • What we as Americans can do to resist this, and how we can rise above misinformation and lies. This also explains how to appropriately respond to liberals in a way that they can’t use against us to stereotype us.

Here we go.

What Russiagate is

The entire Russiagate hoax was mostly justified under this document, produced by the Director of National Intelligence under the direct influence of President Barack Obama, back in January of 2017.
However, before that, the DHS and the Commander issued a statement on October 10th, 2016, that talked about Russian interference.
Here are some outlined things that you should know about this statement:

  • Absolutely nowhere does it confirm 100% that any election data was altered or that votes were altered.
  • The Russian Government had POSSIBLE collusions, but these were not with Donald Trump himself, rather, they were possibly affiliated with Conservative Media networks that were ALREADY distributing information regarding Hillary Clinton and her leaked emails.
  • No action was taken to prosecute anyone.
  • The statement analyses that Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks.com are consistent with Russian methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts. Even though none of these websites do this, the Obama Administration said so.

Album of snapshots of the document with my annotations.

Problems/flaws associated with this report, typically the Commander/Director’s fault:

Problem Why it’s a problem Pg.
The ODNI thinks that “trolls” hacked the election. This is a step down in prestige for the Commander. The Commander specified that the entire Kremlin infiltrated the system by trolls and quackery. Not even 4chan can do that…… ii
Even the entire mission of the Commander was based upon uncertainty. This undermines the Commander’s fortifications going in and identifies weaknesses concerning the Commander’s info. The Commander even promised to provide our offense intel with the info that they need to pursue this, but nothing has been pursued as of yet, and certainly wasn’t pursued under the Obama Administration. 1
The Intelligence Agency does not cite political processes. This introduces problems on the grounds of their legal integrity involving this case. If any source of political bias is found regarding ANY of the operatives who wrote this, that will result in ample grounds for a governmental fraud lawsuit. i
The Commander’s sourcing is derived almost entirely on only and frankly observing Kremlin political figures. This devalues the entire sourcing campaign, it also opens the doors for the Russians to increase their reconnaissance efforts around their political figures. Not smart. i
The ‘bombshell’ report discussing Putin’s preference for President Trump lacks even an explanation as to the methods that the Russians used to infiltrate the system, and that Putin only ordered an influence campaign. This clearly lacks confidence and specificity, which only furthers speculation that President Obama may have ordered parts of this to be omitted. ii
This is VERY important. The Commander states that the only way Putin infiltrated the election was because he made Secretary Clinton “look bad”. How is this even possible? First of all, nowhere in this document does it say that Putin infiltrated the election itself, second of all, how do you rig an election by making someone look bad? Everything Secretary Clinton did was her fault, regardless of Russian involvement. ii
The Commander says he only assesses with high confidence about the Guccifer 2.0 Hacks This is open to speculation that the Agencies may not agree or cannot make judgement regarding the information on these hacks, on information that they should have. ii
The assessment that Russian Intelligence obtained machines and systems involved in the election only says that they maintained access to elements of it. These elements can mean ANYTHING, they could even mean that the only thing they looked at was Trump’s victory speech, for all we know. iii
The Commander Assesses in high confidence that Russia held an influence campaign to undermine Secretary Clinton’s image and electability. This is so not true, Hillary Clinton had the public support of almost 97.6% of all media outlets. Furthermore, 98% of all media outlets were negative in regards to President Trump. Even if Russia did hold this influence campaign, it obviously didn’t work or failed because of the media’s constant persistence. 1
Russia is familiar with infiltrating the US, because of what happened at the Olympic Games. The Doping Scandal was Russia’s fault, not the US. I cannot believe that 3 government agencies would blame Russia’s doping scandal on the USA. That makes me sad, and also leads me to lack confidence in their judgement. 1
The Commander only scrutinises Putin’s appearances and words, rather than actual Kremlin data. This also only looks at the appearances of pro-Kremlin figures, which still has no relation to the United States of America or the election. The paragraph even states that Putin never said a word about preference for President Trump. 1
The assessment that the Russian Federation stopped criticising the US Election Process apparently stopped….. This makes no reference toward US scoping on this data or how this conclusion was reached. 1
The Commander states that the public influence campaign done by Russian Officials targeted Hillary Clinton because they thought she would be the President. These introduces some fishiness in regards to how Obama wrote this….. it is clear he anticipated that Hillary would win the election. Absolutely none of any government agency would ever produce a document implying that someone will win an election. It’s clear this document is riddled with problems. The document cites a public influence campaign, I never saw this, nor did the American People see this “public Russian influence campaign”. 2
The Commander says that the Kremlin infiltrated both political parties’ systems, while only giving reference toward how they infiltrated one. It’s also worth noting that at this point in the Commander’s statement, the Commander changes topics very quickly after discussing how the “Russians hacked the DNC” in order to distract the reader from closely analysing the fact that the statement only makes reference to one, not both political parties. This indicates that the Commander is very sneaky in his efforts in writing this document. 2
The Commander makes reference to e-mails that were in the awareness of the Commander in March of 2016 that appeared on DCLeaks in June of 2016. The Commander’s awareness of these emails only adds to the speculation that the Intelligence Agencies under the Obama Administration may have assisted in the staging of the hackings. The awareness of the Commander that these emails existed would be unusual, for these emails were sealed. The Commander must have infiltrated these emails himself in March of 2016, only to have them released in June. 3
The Commander literally cites pro-Trump media as “Kremlin Propaganda”. This is awful and sad, plus, the Commander neglects to reference how he came to those conclusions. 3
The Commander cites the “fake news” claim as an excuse for pro-Kremlin infiltration to demean Secretary Clinton. This is despicable. Using a political argument as an excuse to identify “pro-Kremlin” media is probably the opposite of what you’d expect from THREE government Intelligence Agencies. Admiral Rogers must’ve had a tough time explaining this to the Senate Intelligence Committee. 4
The Commander indicates that when Russian officials agree on the “fake news” truthfulness, then that means there is a collusion involved. The Commander lacked to express the agency’s efforts to come to this conclusion. These absurd assumptions are never things that these prestigious agencies ever come to. It’s almost as if President Obama himself wrote this in a way where the media can easily nit-pick it without working too hard. 4
The Commander cites Russian excitement to work with America during the election, which still explains no collusion. Not only does the Commander lack an expression of collusion here, but the agency is indirectly making fun of Obama, saying that the Russians are excited now that they will get a President that will actually work with them. This undermines Obama’s foreign policy to effectively pursue ISIS while saying “wow, even Russia got excited about Obama leaving office” at the same time. 4
The Commander continues to cite Conservative Media as “pro-Kremlin fueled propaganda”. Not only does this identify the Commander’s lack to come to a conclusion or produce valid evidence, it’s frankly hilarious for an agency to cite another side’s political image as a foreign-based media company looking to take over the USA. 4
The Commander basically says that any Conservative network who reads and reports on WikiLeaks is a Russian Troll. This furthers the speculation that the Commander has literally no, if not very little, evidence to indict anyone on this case. 4
The Commander literally uses an entire page of a governmental report to rant about RT. This devalues and embarrasses the Commander and the agency’s advisers who let them do this. Also, the report cites 2012, so it’s clearly obsolete. 6
The Commander uses another entire governmental page for more rants about RT’s Conservative coverage and claims that they support Russian informative campaigns. This is not only embarrassing but showcases a lack of evidence on behalf of the Commander. The article also doesn’t go into details about identifying RT as directly affiliated with the Kremlin, rather, it overgeneralises claims about agreements between RT coverage and popular Russian politics, which indicates still, no collusion. 7
In order to FURTHER showcase the lack of evidence on behalf of the Commander, the Commander takes out yet another page of this report to indicate agreements between RT coverage and the Kremlin They are REALLY trying to make a point here, and also distract the reader that they don’t have any evidence. 8
Obviously indicating that the Commander has nothing better to do, he spends the next 4 pages identifying RT coverage as “pro-Russian”. This clear topic shift indicates that the agency’s poor coverage of evidence shouldn’t be closely scrutinised by the reader. It is appalling as an American agency to embarrass the USA in this way. 8-12
The Commander cites a language-translator as a suggestion of a close relationship between Russia’s foreign policy and the RT network’s “information campaign”. There is still no connection here, the fact that they would even come to this absurd conclusion furthers the notion that they have nothing better to do with their time. Also, this language head was indeed part of then Prime Minister Putin’s team, but this was back in 2012. 9
The Commander cites close relations between RT and the Kremlin. This still doesn’t prove a collusion between Trump and Russia. This also isn’t concrete and has nothing to do with election stats, voting, voter turnout, voting results, or gubernatorial elections. 9

The fact that THREE government agencies would write this absurd document continues to baffle me. I would never, EVER allow this under any circumstances if I were in charge. Instead, I would go on the offensive and identify clear collusions. Since the Obama Administration tried to identify these collusions, but obviously didn’t find any, they have to make up for it by having absurd claims.
I can almost guarantee that the Obama Administration wrote this knowing that 95% of America may not read the headline. It is also clear that Obama had this written in a way that will make it easier for the media to nit-pick without working so hard. I am angered and saddened by this document in almost every way.
But, the media (like always) likes to take advantage of their opportunities. Immediately after giving their obvious interpretation of this, they will criticize ANYONE who attempts to call this document out for its BS. They will say: “Oh, you AREN’T AMERICAN if you disagree with the Intelligence Communities!!!!!!!”, in order to completely deface or devalue anyone who disagrees with them, like always.

Conclusions that can be made from the Commander’s “report”:

  • The Intelligence Agency assesses that Russia was involved, but only through a media campaign.
  • Russia, in no way, infiltrated the election system of the United States of America.
  • Trump has no ties or collusions with Russia, yet it looks like he does because of media networks.
  • The Commander is an idiot.

Here is also a summary I did about a possible collusion with the DNC and the Former Chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

Indictments associated with this:

IF the “Russiagate scandal” is proven true, the following indictments can be enforced upon President Trump:

  • Collusion with foreign officials, which presents no charge for treason in ANY degree. No punishments can be enacted, here.
  • Lying, which also doesn’t punish if it isn’t under oath. It’s just THE PRESIDENT lying, which is really bad, but still no charge.

Indictments if the Russiagate scandal is proven to be false (which it already has been):
Upon the Obama Administration’s National Security Council, the Department of Defense, the National Intelligence Agency, and the Director (Commander) of National Intelligence:

This is what happens when you conspire to falsely defraud a governmental agency.

Also, the state governments who refuse to hand over their election data can be charged in every degree for violation of United States Federal Code 42 USC § 1974 for withholding election data of Presidential elections upon request of an election officer or official.

In summary, those activities which courts have held defraud the United States under 18 U.S.C. § 371 affect the government in at least one of three ways:

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  • They cheat the government out of money or property;
  • They interfere or obstruct legitimate Government activity; or
  • They make wrongful use of a governmental instrumentality.

What they are doing is illegal in many different ways.

If Hillary Clinton or the Obama Administration is found supporting terrorists, they are in direct violation of US Federal Code 18 U.S.C. § 2339B for knowingly giving material support to terrorist organisations.

Prior to the hackings, the events leading up to the DNC leaks:

Event Date
Trump declares himself the presumptive GOP nominee. 4/26/16
DNC learns its computer system has been breached. 4/29/16
DNC hires CrowdStrike 4/30/16
Democrats begin funding Fusion GPS. 4-5/16
CrowdStrike determines Russia perpetrated the hack. 5/1/16
Reince Priebus declares Trump the presumptive GOP nominee. 5/3/16
Don. Jr. meets with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at the apparent request of a Fusion GPS operative. 6/9/16
The DNC publicly discloses that Russia hacked its computer network. 6/14/16
The United States issues a statement officially declaring Russian involvement in United States Elections. 10/7/16
AFTER that statement is released, Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election. 11/8/16
The United States Intelligence Council (under Obama), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (the Commander), and the National Intelligence Agency (the NSA) issue a statement regarding their “efforts” and “research” about Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections. 1/6/17
Donald J. Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America. 1/20/17

Donald Trump Jr.’s Meeting with a Russian Lawyer.

On 6/9/16, Donald Trump Jr. met with a Lawyer who has been misinterpreted as having connections directly with the Kremlin. This has sparked controversy regarding the Russiagate “scandal”.
However, as a symbol of transparency within the Trump Organisation and Administration, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted on 7/11/17 a series of classified emails surrounding that meeting.
Amidst the Fake News surrounding this, I decided as soon as the emails were released to carefully go through them and annotate them.
It’s also important to know that some elements in these emails, (such as maybe names), have been redacted or whited out.

Portion Why that’s important Pg.
In order to be completely transparent, he released the emails and gave the background behind why those emails were happening. This helps show the general public that Donald Trump Jr. has absolutely nothing to hide. i
Don. Jr. explains why the meeting happened, and even said that she was NOT a government official. Much of the Fake News likes to claim that she had ties with the Kremlin. i
“She hasn’t landed yet from Moscow, I’ll move it to 4 P.M. Tomorrow”. They were aware of her flight schedule. 1
Rob informs Don. Jr. that her VISA court is happening, and they need to move the meeting once again. Also, Paul will be attending the meeting, as well. This lets us know that Paul was part of the meeting AND that they were well aware of her VISA trial in New York. 2
Rob identifies the lawyer as a “Russian Government Attorney”. This is REALLY serious, because Don. Jr. said back on page 1, while he was describing the meeting, that she was NOT a government official, yet Rob says she is a Russian Government Attorney. We don’t know how to answer this or the background behind this, but it isn’t that serious because even if she is, indeed, a Russian Government official or Attorney, that still wouldn’t identify any collusion, whatsoever. 2
“He is on stage in Moscow” We aren’t sure what this means right now, but I can’t draw any conclusions from it (I’m not the Commander, I don’t make bogus assessments of obvious material using a government agency)…… 3
Email page 4 can be EASILY misinterpreted by the media on the grounds of it literally says: “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump”. This is GIANT for the left-wing. What the left wing media leaves out is that the email actually talks more about HILLARY’S dealings with Russia, when she was the Secretary. 4

Even if Don. Jr. discussed Russian dealings, nothing can be indicted or prosecuted here because NONE of the folks working on this staff were part of the United States government. This also makes absolutely NO inclusion or collusion with rigging or hacking an election. This also does NOT prove in ANY degree that Russia was involved in the DNC hackings.

“Russiagate” is one of the most prime examples of Narcissism on behalf of the Democratic Party and the Mainstream News Media Industry.

I’ve been reading Fake News for days, and issuing daily reports on my findings. After constantly reading, I noticed a pattern emerging about them. Almost everything about the News Media (or the left-wing in general) tip-toes around themselves and projects hatred upon others. To be frank, it’s clear and obvious that they are exhibiting self-promotion over actually reporting the news.
How can you identify if something is fake news?
Fake News is most commonly associated with narcissism. Key narcissistic manipulation traits and tactics are evident in the Fake News.

Here is a comprehensive list of common, key narcissistic traits, many of which can be accurately compared with today’s mainstream News Media.

These narcissistic traits are used by the Media to gain control over their subscribers victims.
What is the “title promise”?
The title promise is an unspoken rule in journalism where basically the article’s body has to “fulfill” or “answer” to the title. When an article is in violation of this, it is ample grounds for it to be marked as “misleading” or frankly “clickbait”. The fake news either blatanly ignores or cleverly tip-toes around this rule.

Here is yesterday’s dose of Fake News from the Red Pill Pharmacy 07/11/17:

Article (archived) Time Outlet Why it’s fake
Trump breaks silence as son walloped in Russia scandal 10:05 A.M. Politico The article clearly showcases number 7 of Narcissism, changing the subject. It identifies that Trump applauds Don Jr. for his transparency, but then changes subjects back to Trump’s collusion without even discussing the items leaked by Don. Jr. today, this is done to distract the reader and draw attention away from the damaging said transparency leaks.
Donald Trump Jr. is just staggeringly incompetent 11:51 A.M. Vox The article fails to cite sources on its thesis, but seems to provide plenty of sources for its side comments.
Democrat plans to impeach Trump advance on many fronts 12:16 P.M. Newsweek The article clearly misinterprets the Emoluments Clause by comparing it with Russia and Trump. Even if a collusion were found, this still wouldn’t violate that clause on the grounds of the “collusion” was done before President Trump was inaugurated in office as President of the Untied States.
Donald Trump Jr.’s full emails about meeting a ‘Russian government attorney,’ annotated 12:20 P.M. The Washington Post The article clearly exhibits narcissism on the grounds of neglecting to cover the comment made by the Attorney about Hillary’s dealings with Russia. Instead, the article only scrutinises the brief (as opposed to the profound words about Hillary and Russia) mentions of Trump and Russia. This clear omission demonstrates the narcissistic trait of rejecting or not mentioning anything that may demean itself or its side.
Trump’s Biggest Political Asset Is Supporters Who Believe Any Negative News Is Fake 1:00 P.M. Ny Mag The article paints a nasty, inaccurate political caricature which makes it seem like ALL Trump Supporters are white, along with having the same hairstyle. This also exhibits two fundemental narsissistic strategies, one being gaslighting (trying to make Trump supporters doubt themselves), and the other being blankets (overgeneralised assumptions). The article also is so justified in its beliefs that it frankly assumes that Trump will be a repeat of Nixon.
The ‘Did Trump’s Campaign Collude’ Debate Is Over. The Only Question Now Is How Much. 1:30 P.M. NY Mag The article cites a New York Times article as “clear evidence of emails about Russian collusion.” The article also paints Trump as a swindler, a head of a mob, when no such evidence of this has come forward. On the contrary, the Clinton Administration is clearly associated with mob-styles. The article also establishes itself as correct even in the title, before the reader can read the article.
But His Emails! 1:48 P.M. The Atlantic It is evident in the article, due to the misrepresentation of the E-mail’s claims, that the article neglected to read or blatantly ignored the emails themselves. This is ironic due to the emails being the crowining thesis of the article itself.
Trump’s Sham Election Commission Wants to Operate in the Dark, but We’re Suing to Drag It Into the Sunlight 2:00 P.M. ACLU The article fails to cite that Senate Hearings happen on a business-daily basis on web-live hearings and not public attendence. The same laws apply here, so its sham case holds no ground. What a shame, I used to look up to the ACLU, now they’re just running bogus lawsuits to get attention. Also, they exhibit clear narcissism by directing the attention toward possible things these election commissions may be trying to hide over to “what Trump is trying to hide”.
Trump administration: There’s no evidence of collusion. 12 legal experts: Yes, there is. 2:30 P.M. Vox The article states that the alleged Russian lawyer met after Don. Jr. “knowingly” knew that she had ties to the Russian Government. No ties have been released, and the article shifts topics so quickly, you can’t even scrutinise it unless you look super closely. The article also jumps to absurd conclusions rather fast.
Congress delays usual August recess because Republicans haven’t been able to get things done 2:40 P.M. Vox The article is the epitome of Projection, a narcissistic tactic to direct the blame away from the Democrats who refuse to cooperate and on to the Republicans who are trying desperately hard to get things done. The article Clearly cites this by saying: “But the obstacle isn’t just Democratic lack of cooperation. Congressional Republicans, who hold a majority in the House and Senate, have failed to pass any of their major agenda items.”
Schumer: Trump Jr. should testify publicly under oath 3:11 P.M. The Hill The only reference in the article is literally The Hill‘s other article itself, which is an opinion citation about the e-mails.
The Russia meddling story is no longer just smoke. It’s fire. 7:44 P.M. The Washington Post The article bases its ENTIRE argument around a citation of its own source that they did earlier. The topics also shift rapidly, indicating they don’t want the reader to linger on one topic for a while, to prevent them from closely scrutinising the assumptions behind the article. This is textbook deception.
Rancor at White House as Russia Story Refuses to Let the Page Turn Not listed New York Times Not only does this fail the “title promise”, it has absolutlely no basis, whatsoever, on any of its arguments toward what was happening on Air Force One. The article also jumps to conclusions, and even appears to start using Number 15 from Narcissism, the baiting tactic. They’ll continue to push the Russia story until someone, whether it be in the Trump family or the white house, cracks at them. Once they lose it, the media will be like “woah! What’s with the anger?!?!?!? Clearly you must be hiding something…..”. It’s classic narcissism.

So there you have it. I haven’t really pushed the Narcissism envelope that far yet, but it seems to be applying here. The media is loaded with deception. Every single day they use these classic tactics. They’re also extremely clever about it, as well. After they establish themselves, they move in on anyone who attempts to try them. We saw that clearly with u/HanAssholeSolo.
They’ll even go as far as to push the “victim” trick, saying that Women are Trump’s “victims”, and that the GOP wants to “kill people with their heatlhcare plan”. These overly deceptive, sneaky tricks help them slither past the political radar and get to the hearts of ordinary American readers. This is exactly how the Democrats won the popular vote, they make everyone the victim. They push the “RESIST!” agenda, when in fact, they are the ones who need to be resisted.

Russiagate is one of many examples of this, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Not just the news, but the entire story is just Narcissism.

Their ideology: “We didn’t win the election so we have to do everything in our power to demean our President instead of working with him”.

It’s awful and horrible.

How can we respond to Russiagate and see the REAL news?

  • Only look for KEY info from the real players. The ones “involved”.
  • Government sources. The government (after the swamp was drained in January) is required by law to accurately produce their information. Look for “.gov” websites. Also, look for Congressional hearings. I used to do Senate Hearing updates all of the time. The Senate is now back in session after being on vacation for Independence Day.

Important Senate Hearing schedules can be found here, if you want to livestream them, go to the Committee’s website and go under the “HEARINGS” tab for each one.
Also, look under the “NEWS” tab in each of the Committee’s websites.
senate.gov senate.gov/committees real senate senators
house.gov justice.gov supremecourt.gov whitehouse.gov library of congress

Make AMERICA Great Again!


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