Everything you’ve heard about Syria is a lie – Eva Bartlett on Press TV explains western and Zionist agenda against Syria, use of terrorists

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by GlennDames

Eva Bartlett, independent Canadian journalist, gives a hard-hitting interview to press TV after speaking in London, with Joti Brar, at the public anti-war meeting “Imperialism on Trial” organised by the CPGB-ML on 31 Jan 2018.

Eva relates her first hand experience of the conflict in Syria, which she contrasts with the war reports of the BBC, the Guardian and Channel 4.

Drawing on her first hand knowledge, her eye-witness experiences and her discussions and interviews with civilians on the ground across Syria, she points out that our mainstream ‘unbiased and objective’ media give a totally false impression of the conflict in Syria – as indeed in many other countries.

The war in Syria is not a civil war. President Assad is not a brutal dictator, but a popular and democratically elected leader and head of state. The ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘moderate rebels’ of whom we hear so frequently in our news media are no such thing – rather they are imperialist sponsored stooges and jihadi terrorists (IS, Al-Nusra, Al-Queda, etc.), funded, resourced and supported by the US, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Saudi, and the UAE.

The imperialist agenda is not ‘democratising Syria’, (can Saudi Arabia set itself the agenda of ‘democratising’ any other nation until it first sets its own feudal-autocratic despotism aside?) but destabilising Syria. Their aim is regime change – hence the mantra ‘Assad must go!’ Their ultimate goal is simply stealing the mineral resources of the country and the wider middle east, as it was and has been during and before the Iraq war.

Western mainstream media frequently rely upon and promote unverifiable or easily discredited sources, overtly use biased terrorist / jihadi sources, and actively and consciously generate war propaganda to suit the interest of imperial warmongers (‘neo-cons’ or ‘hawks’ as they are euphemistically referred to.)



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