Evidence points to CNN and Shaun King guilty of fabricating George Floyd video.

by Deplorable Patriot

In 1990 a CNN got caught pretending to be in a war zone during a live broadcast. Here we are in 2020 and CNN is still fabricating lies. Only this time their lies have caused serious damage to our country and our way of life. CNN should be shut down and everyone involved with this latest lie should be arrested.

Today I will show evidence that should leave no question about the George Floyd video being staged.

Why CNN? If you look at the screen shot below you will see “CNN has confirmed its authenticity”. CNN has accepted responsibility for the video.

Here are the reasons why I think the video is staged. ( I will be using screen shots from the CNN video to make my point.)

The following images are at the location where we are told Floyd was taken into custody and killed. The shots are from a dash cam video provided by the Police. Notice the view is directly behind Floyd’s vehicle. Floyd is exiting the vehicle and being put into cuffs.

The next shot is another camera view of the scene. You see Floyd’s vehicle and the officers engaging with Floyd and his passenger. We must assume the vehicle behind Floyd’s is where the dash cam shot was taken. I want you to remember that the vehicle doesn’t say police. Also, remember the side of the street is on and the direction of both cars.

*In the upper right hand corner it says “Dragon Wor or Wok”. Bottom right it says “camera 2”.

The next shot is at the same angle. Rear vehicle is gone. We see Floyd in cuffs. In the upper left you will see the time 20:36. That would be 8:36.

The next shot is at the same angle. We see the dash cam vehicle gone and a marked police vehicle pulling in. Floyd and his passenger have been removed from his car and are being detained. They are at the bottom. We see Floyd in cuffs being walked to police vehicle.

Remember the direction of this police vehicle and remember that it says “Park Police”. The writing covers both doors on the side.

Take note of the time of the video in the left hand upper corner. 20:33. That would be 8:33. This occurred after the last shot but the time is 3 minutes prior to the last shot.

Keep in mind that these shots are at the same angle using the same camera.

All shots from this angle has “camera 2” written in the lower right hand corner.

The next 2 shot are from the same angle, same camera. We do not see Floyd. But we are lead to believe he is on the ground, hidden behind door.

I want to point out that the police vehicle is no longer facing the same direction. Somehow it flipped around.

Next I want to point out that the words “Park Police” no longer covers both doors. The rear door is blank. The front door just says “Police”.

Next, take a moment and check out the time in the video.

It. Says 8:19. This is 14 minutes earlier than the last shot. And 17 minutes earlier than the first shot. . This is the same angle.

Now look to the upper right of both shots. It says,”cup foods/ Shaun King instagram “.

*Rear door looks photoshopped.

The final 2 shots are of Derek Chauvin and 3 officers with their knees in Floyd’s back. It’s at a different angle and vehicle is facing different direction of first marked police vehicle. It also appears to he a different car.

The times that are embedded in the video do not match the timeline of the event. The different vehicles and the direction they are parked is wrong.  Does not fit into video property The vehicles should be faced in the same direction. There was not time for a vehicle to pull in backwards.

The source, Shaun King is hardly a reliable source.

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What we have here are some clips, poorly pieced together. This looks like a third grader’s first attempt at making a movie. I wonder if they knew the times were off.

There is more than enough obvious evidence to call this video “Fake News”. DOJ should do a full investigation into this

If Floyd was actually killed here, it was premeditated and CNN, Shaun King and these men should be tried for murder. Then face charges for the problems they caused for our country.

I doubt these were real police officers in the video.  The department dumped on them too fast. Getting fired before actual cause of death has been determined would not happen.. Getting rid of them fast would keep people from asking the department too many questions.

I did a background check on all 4 officers. One didn’t return any results. The search on the others came up empty on employment history and criminal record.

I did find people who I believe are the cops true identities.  I’m  not 100% positive so I’ll  keep that to myself.  Still not getting a employment history raises some flags. I’ve never seen a search that didn’t pull up a work history.

Derek Chauvin owns several properties and is pretty heavy into real estate. Which makes me wonder why he would be a police officer.  He appears to have plenty of money. I don’t see him throwing all that away.

I ran a background check on Floyd. Nothing came up in Minnesota. I had to search in Houston.

I found a extensive criminal record which included felonies. No employment history came up. No connection to the officers came up.  I can tell you this. He was no gentle giant.

Final thoughts,

Is George Floyd dead? Who knows. At this point I would need to see a body. Cannot trust any public official in Minneapolis. If he is dead, I don’t think it was a police officer that did it.

I don’t believe any of those men were police officers. No cop is going to take someone out to the middle of the street and kill that person while the cameras are rolling. Here we had 4 cops that were involved. None of them cared who saw what they were doing. They acted like they were putting on a show. That whole scene was something you would see in a Netflix series. Completely fabricated.

What I do see is CNN getting together with Shawn King and lie to the world. The evidence is there..

They pulled a fast one on the world. They didn’t do it alone. Watch. In the near future, it will be revealed. Then maybe some people will grow a spine and get off their knees.

People need to wake up. In my county we had a group of people show up. Half played like they were Trump supporters. The other half were anti Trump. Then they started going at it, trying to get the locals involved. Didn’t work. They went to every town in my county and tried this. Each time failing.

There is some good that comes out of this. These democrats have shown America what they would do if they had complete control of the country.

Democrat politicians let people from outside their cities come in and destroy and burn the property of the democrat voters that elected them. That must feel great. Put someone on office and they bring in people to destroy your whole life. That’s who you voted for.

Democrats walk with the rioters, protest with them and take their side. They forget. Most of those rioters don’t vote. Even if they did. Wouldn’t matter. Riots don’t win elections. Popular vote doesn’t win elections. The electoral college is the path to winning an election. How is the electoral college going to feel about having everything they worked for get destroyed by rioters?

Democrats have already lost the election.

Support your local Law Enforcement.

“Never take a knee”


Deplorable Patriot


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