Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US

Slavery is once more legal in the United States.
In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell reveals language buried deep inside Executive Order 13603, which Barack Obama signed into law on March 16th 2012 that gives the Federal government the legal authority to force any person into de facto slavery.
According to this Executive Order the President, or those he designates, can conscript “persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation,” in “peacetime and times of national emergency.” In a nutshell, that means that Barack Obama, and those he designates, can seize any resource, property, or person at any time for any reason, including forcing that person with labor without being paid.
There is only ONE word for forced, “uncompensated employment.” That word is slavery.
This episode also includes an appeal to Federal, State, County, and Local law enforcement officers to uphold the oath they took to “Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States,” by defending the citizens they have sworn to protect, even when the aggressor is a Federal Government that has devolved into nothing more than a Tyranny where one man (or those he designates) can order the enslavement of its citizens, their detention in labor and re-education camps – even their deaths – simply by signing a piece of paper.
Executive Order 13603:
Internment and Resettlement Field Manual:
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51 thoughts on “Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US”

  1. Executive orders are not an authority granted to anyone in the Constitution.
    Slavery is illegal and unconstitutional.
    Marbury v Madison; anything repugnant to the constitution is null and void from it’s inception!

    • exactly. Null & void. Jefferson stated it even better in his Kentucky Resolutions MvM leaves the impression that SCOTUS has final say on what is Constitutional which most of the idiots on the loose believe. Jefferson was so fearful of ARREST from the tyrannical Adams regime’s Alien and Sedition Acts that the Kentucky Resolutions were GHOSTWRITTEN!! Jefferson fearful of arrest? It was bad THEN and is BAD NOW. Quite possibly the most succinct two sentences ever written about the relationship between the Sovereign Independent NATION STATES and the federal govt.
      RESOLVED, That the several States composing, the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution FOR *(((NOT OF))) the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes — delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force:
      I added (((NOT OF)))

        • I realize this. The PEOPLE need to know that just because the govt or Ohomo pass some illegal laws they are not obligated to follow them. THAT is the reason I post this, to raise awareness. Believe it or not, some people think just because they past some illegal legislation or Ohomo made a decree (executive orders do not have legal standing on Americans only Federal employees) they are full of hot air if the people knew how much power they had these bozos would be packing their bags today for parts unknown.

    • You’re absolutely correct. Executive Orders are definitely not an authority granted to anybody in the Constitution. Slavery is illegal and unconstitutional. Period.
      Marbury v Madison = anything repugnant to the Constitution is null and void from its inception.
      Obama’s already broken the law in this regard and must face the consequences. He may not have issued the most EOs, but every one he did issue violates the Constitution and, thus, null and void.
      Now, the EO issued by John F. Kennedy abolishing the Rothschild Central Bank aka “Federal Reserve” is a valid one; mainly, because the “Federal Reserve Act” itself is unconstitutional.

    • Not in the socialist party . They go by their own rules . Obama secretly made deals with Iran . He flew over millions of unmarked money to our enemy . Do you really think He think he cares about our Constitution . He doesn’t follow our constitution what so ever .

    • unless you stuck your head in the sand, you would know that this administration has pretty much unbound itself to the consitution. Obama’s presidency has been nothing but him signing executive orders that are unconstitutional and using them as law despite being unconstitutional, signing treaties and international trade agreements without senate approval(also illegal), locking up an ex muslim who made a movie about muslims for an entire year after blaming him for bengazhi(it was obama, hillary, and the cia smuggling guns and stinger missiles to ISIS and Al Qaeda before being attacked by isis). It was ridiculous how illegal it was, they arrested him, did not inform him why he was being arrested(illegal), did not read him his miranda rights(illegal), denied him a lawyer(illegal), denied him a trial(illegal), had him locked up without formal charges for more than three months(it was a year) without releasing him(illegal). They took him straight to a maximum security penitentiary and locked him in a sensory deprived solitary confinement the whole time away from other inmates(illegal-cruel and unusual punishment, depriving a person from social contact, outside stimulus and sound is used as punishment in prison, you start to halucinate and go crazy as your mind cant cope with the isolation and lack of outside stimulus, eventually you turn completely insane, they dont even put people in the “hole” for longer than two weeks because of this, he was in the “hole” the whole time). Changing the laws passed by congress(illegal), rewriting bills passed by congress to fit obama’s preference before signing them into law without allowing congress to approve the changes(illegal), declaring war without congressional approval(not technically illegal, the president can declare war all he wants, but it is congress who has to approve the declaration and provide funding, troops, etc) mobilizing troops and invading countries without congressional approval(illegal), rewriting laws that limit his power as president to give himself the very powers he was not supposed to have without congressional approval(illegal), giving aid to our enemies such as isis, the muslim brotherhood, and al qaeda(treason) giving isis and al qaeda us military weapons which they used against our troops(treason) against civilians(war crimes), approved launching drone strikes on non combatant civilians in the middle east(war crimes) who happened to hold opposing viewpoints to what obama and the muslim brotherhood in his cabinet approved. Appointing high ranking members of the muslim brotherhood, an international terrorist organization and our enemy to positions in his cabinet and into other positions(treason), shaping his speeches, policies, etc, so that our enemy, the muslim brotherhood, will approve of it(treason, violation of his oath of office), i could go on and on. Educate yourself, see through the lies and find the truth

      • apparently you think you’re the only person on earth that is aware of what you just regurgitated? newsflash scooter, you’re not!
        having said that, I know you’re making a point but try being more condensed and concise, it’ll go over better!

  2. We have no “government”. The balance of power left the US when Israel and the corrupt in the US had JFK assassinated by the bush clan; 9/11 and the Scalia assassination confirms this is an ongoing conspiracy, this election, as all others in recent US history, is a complete sham, a fraud and a joke run by the very “secret societies” who were involved in JFK’s assassination, the secret societies JFK warned us about.
    I was with Trump, 99%. But what tipped the scale against Trump for me is that “cherish” Israel thing. Israel *is* the establishment and that leads me to believe firmly Trump is perpetrating cheek talk, talkin’ out both sides of his ass.
    The prize for Trump is control of the “fed” and the supreme court, then the real money will hit the table and what will Trump do then? If he follows the philosophy of his “cherished” Israel, we can only assume “war by deception”, Trump’s an Israel firster all the way — he said so, “cherish”, “our greatest ally”, that’s huge when even Alex Jones recently admitted Israel is our greatest enemy (but Jones still has “nothing against Israel”), lol!
    Are we being lied to big league, or what?
    And, I’m not “anti-government”, I’m anti-corruption!
    Slavery? In the US? lol. no. I like my freedom and am keeping my freedom.

    • I understand how you feel about the Israel thing. I’m not a fan of them, the Vatican, Islam or any other major world religion and the states the prop them up. I think Trump will do what is right for USA first. I think he is our lest best chance to get a few more good years out of things.

      • He already did the wrong thing — he supported the self-aggrandizing genocidal mania of Israel. The whole Trump thing seems to be a media psyop decades in the the planning. Who owns the media? Israel. Who’s getting all the media attention? Trump. 1 + 1 =’s 2.

        • Obama stands with the enemy . Our government made BLM he’s bringing 100 , 000 more radical Islamics who say they are going to kill us then come here and kill us . We had over 27 ppl shot in the last 3 weeks . Have you seen London ? Trump is our only chance to put a cease on this . But we all have to stand up and fight that’s all there is to it . There is a war on us and we are not fighting back .

      • a few more good years? You are either the most naive person on earth or part of the JIDF. Good grief Charlie Brown! No manufacturing base, printing FRNotes like they’re going out of style (which in fact they ARE as countries around the world are REFUSING THEM) petrol dollar is DEAD, no US presence in Persian Gulf in my lifetime and I’m 44! (See USS Donald “duck” Cook” and Russian EMP weapons. The constant build up of the non-existent “Iranian threat”. The same shit they did w/Iraq. Threat to who, we are ALLIED w/the biggest state sponsors of terror in the world Israel and Saudi Arabia we aren’t fighting a war on terror we are fighting a war OF terror. You need to go to the govt archives and ask yourself a couple questions http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution.html 1- on a LEGAL document of such importance how can you change Constitution FOR the United States of America to the Constitution OF the United States of America? On the page its OF right? Click on the ORIGIONAL zoom in (its small and faded but you can read it second line) its say Constitution FOR the United States of America. How can you have a document OF (FROM) a govt that doesn’t exist (when it was written it had NOT BEEN RATIFIED)
        WE THE PEOPLE wrote a Constitution FOR the united (sovereign independent NATION STATES) of America. united being a descriptive term and America being the location of the Federation (Federal Govt NOT A NATIONAL GOVT). The EU is a UNION just as we here in our American States USED TO HAVE. Would you call the EU a COUNTRY? That is what these propagandists are calling our UNION? What did Abe Lincoln despair over? Keeping the UNION together. Do you EVER hear the world COUNTRY when the founders referred to American and it United States? Since when did the United States (dropping of America) become a NOUN? A country?
        WAKE UP! You are so propagandized you don’t even know it. All these agencies that go around making laws, they call them regulations, codes, and statutes (over 20,000 since 2000). Since when are we ruled over by laws from unelected bureaucrats from obviously illegal alphabet soup agencies?
        You need to check out Youngstown Steel SCOTUS case were Truman tried this Ohomo crap. SCOTUS drop kicked his a** 6-3 decision saying presidents even as commander in chief in a DECLARED STATE OF EMERGENCY (Korean War) CANNOT MAKE LAW PER SYS OF CHECKS AND BALANCES. LEGISLATIVE BODY ONLY TO MAKE LAWS PERIOD. Just because there is precedent doesn’t make them legal. The problem is too many idiots like you are on the loose not holding this band of criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists mascarading as a sovereign govt in check.
        I’d be conservative if I said that 75% of what the Feral Govt does is ILLEGAL void and of no effect according to their Constitution, It aint for us it was written for them. We are the people, it doesn’t say w the citizens. If you think you are a citizen w/civil rights you’d better look up the LEGAL DEFINITIONS OF THOSE THINGS. How is Gump going to do good? He gives credence to these OBVIOUS FALSE FLAGS which blames muslims who would be in their own damn country if the Jews in power hadn’t bombed them into the stone age. Libya, Syria, and Iraq were nice modern secular countries that are totally destroyed. Who are the terrorists again?
        Gump is smart guy, he knows, its a mindfu** psy-op to set the middle class up as SCAPEGOATS when the economy which has been undermined ON PURPOSE COLLAPSES. Think the Soros paid BLM is going to go away after he takes office? NO they’ll take to the streets riot and we’ll have martial law. THAT is why all these psy-ops like Dallas shooting are getting people to stand w/the police so when you are being raped on the side of the road and your dashboard pulled apart for no reason at all making you 2hrs late for work (if you still have a job) you’ll say, well they’re good guys, if it weren’t for them we’d be overrun w/terrorists not remembering THEY WORK FOR THE TERRORISTS. W/OUT THEIR SUPPORT THEY COULDN’T DO WHAT THEY DO.

        • We are going to have a civil war . Also however the rad . Islamics got here is not my problem getting them out Is though . The say they want to kill us and hate us they come here and hate on us and kill us . We are done . We are done with our Government too . We are going to have a war here and prolly before the election . Trump would be our best chance to at least have an American with some power to help . Right now our government is our enemy .

    • Hmmm
      I think it is important to contrast the question mark behind Mr. Trump’s relationship toward Israel with the definite Israel first rhetoric that formed part of Clinton’s campaign from day 1. She has made it clear time after time that not only will she put Israel first, she has already put Israel first in her actions to sway the US into a clandestine war against Syria. Leaked emails show us she stated directly that her actions in this regard were for the benefit of Israel while knowing full well they were not in the best interests of America and the American people.
      So I will take Mr. Trump at his word that he will always put America and Americans first unless his actions warrant a change. Hillary’s track record in government today shows us that a voter for here is a vote for Israel first, multi-national corporations second, with America and Americans last.

      • Hmmm, part 2.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if one were on the straight and narrow; unfortunately the both of them are bought and souled puppets up on the whirled stage, whilst the lame stream media, as instructed, the story line this way and that plays, obfuscation of the fact that the usual lot both sides pay, the pincer movement almost complete, the jokers in The Dark House aiming for a repeat, Michael and Barry, ain’t they so sweet!

    • seems like crazy people and very influential/powerful one’s come from religious-like stuff.
      churches/pope, islam, zionists(many super rich, bankers/fed chef’s), freemason.
      who the hell think religion is peace? 😀 it is like a big joke. btw, you don’t need a religion for having a belief or believe in any kind of god. simpel as that.
      there only way is to aim a huge change, and world wide, and together we are able to do it, even quick.
      for that we have to get out of this matrix world, stop working, change your mindset to a natural one, start informing and say stop to all goverments, finance institutions or any cia,nsa,fbi and co.
      the revolution is twice overdue. no one has to use violence but stand up, and together, that would be enough.

    • You may not like Israel, but God said he’d curse anyone who cursed them. They are his people. They gave me Jesus Christ, who was a JEW. The rest is irrelevant.

  3. In islam, there are no innocents among the non-muslims. Americans are not equipped to comprehend the inbred deceit of muslims. even polygraphs do not work on muslims. The saudi king in a 2006 arabic radio broadcast boasted that he would put a muslim in the White House in 2008!

      • Yes Sir, Mr. Duke. This is just one of dozens of verses in the koran regarding non-muslims.
        This verse lays down the precondition for all wars in Islam: there must exist certain oppressive conditions on the people. The Creator unequivocally orders us to fight oppression and persecution, even at the expense of bloodshed as the following verse shows in which Allah Says (what means): “And fight in the cause of Allah with those who fight with you, and do not exceed the limits, surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits. And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque (in Makkah) until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the reward of the unbelievers. But if they desist, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. And fight with them until there is no persecution, and religion should be only for Allah, but if they desist, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors.” [Quran 2:190-192]

        • One thing you are failing to mention is that that applies to muslim lands that others have come to oppress. In Non muslims lands, muslims are forbidden to kill. But you conveniently left that out didnt you? Who can blame Muslims for killing invaders? I suggest next time, post your examples in Arabic here so you can prove your case without using mistranslated english verses missing half of their content.

          • I speak Arabic and the know the Quaran well . Don’t go there . The excuses don’t work any more every knows the objective .,Stop insulting Americans intelligence

        • You did not back it up. If you invade their country, they would be stupid not to kill you, and you would deserve it. The Koran specifically forbids killing non-muslims in their own lands.

    • Oh I know all about it . I have read and studied the quaran . They are just asking naive right now . When more come their colors are going to shine bright and everyone will be in shock .

  4. This executive order delegates how the Defense Production Act of 1950 will be implemented. Just getting rid of the order would be useless. If you really want to stop this, try to get Congress to strike down the DPA.

  5. Look at the bright side. Obama has had the authority under this Executive Order for over four years and has only about three months left to invoke it. Another nutty conspiracy theory gone bad.

  6. I can’t wait for you assholes to realize that there is still no slavery in the US, at least not during the final months of the Obama administration, despite all your hilarious whining, but who knows what will happen during the term of the man who, as President-elect, didn’t even know that American presidents adhere to a 40-year-old One China doctrine. No, the mindless Trump cries, she “CALLED ME” (despite this also being a lie) as though recklessly upending established US diplomatic policy is worthy of cheap lies. You tools crying about Obama will be begging for a return to his administration after a couple months of Sluggo’s idiot governing.

  7. i must have missed the plantations of enslaved white people. good thing we now have a racist degenerate in the white house to save white people from their oppression. that he is promising to be the most incompetent, corrupt, immoral idiot to disgrace and dishonor that office is secondary to the fact that he’s not…you know…obama…

  8. Soooo funny! See how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot?!! White people are hella afraid of “slavery” having your freedoms, finances, certain lifestyles taken away or even put in prison, but yet you guys have NO problem doing that to other people, esp African Americans!! You have NO problems making judgements towards us, as if we are guilty from jump, but “oh not you guys!” And you did all that complaining about Obama, calling him a devil, monkey, etc., Now look what you got in office…a REAL DEMON that does NOT care about anyone of you racist white punks!! Call him out of his name, talk about his family and call his wife ugly monkey!! She looks like an evil witch in the face..just plain evil whore!! But yet you wanna pass judegment on the Obama’s!! See when you do evil, God always pays you back with what you put out!!!


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