THIS IS THE SILVER BULLET: Hillary's longtime and top FINANCER (super-villain George Soros) DICTATING FOREIGN POLICY to her as Secretary of State.
Here we have the emails. Now we must ask, “Did sec. of state act on these requests from Soros?”
Answer: Yes.
Posted by /u/Zuul_for_President a few days ago:
They definitely mention a press conference in the same email chain the next day.
Update: An EU mediator was assigned to assist in talks on Jan 26th (three days later) as per Soros’ request
So basically within 3 days of sending this email the US State Department was able to deliver on all of Soros’ requests. Yet we are to believe it will take them 27 months to release Clinton staff emails.
Adding link from /u/outfishin:
“Clinton’s response is not included, but the State Department swiftly followed exactly the course Soros suggested: American diplomats implored an end to demonstrations, and one of Soros’s candidates was named envoy.”
Clinton E-mails Show George Soros Gave Sec of State Foreign Policy Marching Orders
Alex Soros instagram post
Basically, Soros is a globlaist. THE globalsit.
He is also almost single-handily responsible for the migrant invasion of Europe… and literally a list of other things.