Don Lemon tried to catch Trump with a 'gotcha' question on Muslims back in 2015 and got hammered. His response…flawless

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CNN host Don Lemon, taking another feeble shot by the mainstream media to catch a GOP candidate with a ‘gotcha’ question on Muslims, got hammered with some solid feedback from Donald Trump.
Lemon wanted to know Trump’s views on Muslims in America, and used the backdrop of the crowd member from a previous rally asking about a Muslim problem.
Trump handled it rather deftly

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4 thoughts on “Don Lemon tried to catch Trump with a 'gotcha' question on Muslims back in 2015 and got hammered. His response…flawless

    • Trump is not THAT stupid. He knows who orchestrated 911. As long as ANY President uses 911 to “justify” wanton slaughter overseas, it’s business as usual for the USG.. If Trump reopens a 911 investigation(which I doubt he will!) and there is minimal coverup, historical heads will roll! But before it gets to that, you will see a furious attack on President Trump and maybe even an assassination attempt. Then there is always the threat to one’s family that can make someone stop short of his goals.

  1. Hehe
    Shit, huh, truth hurts, it always does, and someone will go bonkers about it but in the end, any grown up and have some braincells kicking around up there, know whats been sayed is downright true.
    What Causes the problems is an different issue.
    Cue Bono aka Follow the money, like sundaymorning piss, it leaves an stinking trail and smells like walking into an brick wall.
    Yup in an world of blind mice, the one eyes is the king.
    Steams behind anyone thats Play the flute.
    I am Not an Muslim, nor arab, but fullblown nordic/russian.
    For eons.
    The Only problem so far is the Imperial banana republic UssA, and its petty tyrants, running loose in the pherifery like an pack of wolfs, like Germany and France.
    What the Brits are doing is f….. knows, but I hope they sober up and that fast.
    The NorDicks are, as for now sollidly jammed hard up whatever used car salesman that the Imperial banana republic sends us, and to wip our rotten, spinless creepy Nepotistic, cleptocrasy called Norway.
    To the Finns, if you knew the truth, about our Tribe/people the true north european people since the dawn of man, you would be ashamed, to witness an downfall of an tribe, the Finns, in real time, hurts, Pekka.
    The fact is Pekka, they have lied about everything for an long time, and Babylon, must fall.
    And to the Basque, its the fire within.
    If it is an Path with an Hart, then you know the way.
    Its an lonely world.
    Thank god for animals, at lest some intellegent begins up here.

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