Experts Warning Americans to Be Prepared For Economic Collapse-Prepare For The 2021 The Year of Total Economic Collapse & A Permanent Great Depression !!

by Amy S. 

What is an economic collapse?

Simply put, an economic collapse, interchangeably used with the term financial collapse, is a series of very severe economic conditions. Many survivalists and preppers say an economic collapse is the one thing that they are preparing for, as it includes a number of symptoms that place a risk on our necessary needs, such as food, water, power, and safety.

One of the worst factors about a financial collapse is the fact that it doesn’t abide by a timeline. Natural disasters, for instance, while very destructive, are short, with their duration measuring only for days let alone weeks. This allows recovery efforts to commence almost immediately. Economic downturns, however, are unmeasurable in length and for most, will last a minimum of a year, with the aftereffects resonating for several years as a nation recovers.

During an economic collapse, there are symptoms that affect large companies and industries, with very visible signs felt in the family home. For instance, common symptoms of a collapse are high bankruptcy rates, widespread unemployment, hyperinflation, a spike in death rates (attributable to depression or other financial causes), a social collapse and a high increase in crime.

What are the warning signs of an economic collapse?

As we have seen above, a financial downturn can set in very rapidly, and before we know it we have lost our jobs, stores are shutting down, and we’re left high and dry. But there are some warning signs to watch out for. These are early indicators for a potential financial downturn and possible economic collapse.

Of course, your first source is to stay up to date with the news. All good survivalists are avid readers of politics, finance, and weather – the three things that can kick us out of our home or make us go hungry. So inevitably, they are the go-to sections for survivalists, and anyone else that cares about what happens in the world, and indirectly themselves.

There are five signs that an economic collapse is about to happened:

  1. Growing government debt: when an economy slows, the government usually steps in to help stimulate spending again, but with a high debt, the government might not be able to make that injection.
  2. Stock markets trading at all-time highs: investors are taking more risk on the market, markets continue to trade higher meaning investments are bull-market driven and not research-based which could lead to a stock market bubble.
  3. Unemployment rate: eligible worker, retirement, and student rates all identify trends in people not contributing to the economy and could slow down economic growth
  4. Unstable government: this boils down to the leader and government team in the decisions and actions that may affect the economy in various ways
  5. Rising national debt: this means less consumer spending in the economy and more money spent on paying debt.

Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor, best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—the #1 personal finance book of all time. He has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. And he has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for financial education.

The united states is on the brink of the first great depression since the 1920s. It’ll be a total economic collapse next year. It’s going to be the GREATEST Depression! A Permanent Great Depression. It’s wealth reset and middle-class destruction. We are on the brink of a really serious financial and, to some degree, even social and environmental meltdown—increasing income and wealth inequality. The pandemic was the tipping point that took us into an era of joblessness and poverty. Millions of people are jobless, many businesses are bankrupt, and the only winners are the stock markets and the banks. Global central banks are embarking on fresh waves of bond-buying. Central Banks Step Up $5.6 Trillion Bond Binge.

This is the worst economic crisis in the US. Yes, the central bankers are coming for what they left behind in 2008. We are spending trillions the way a drunkard spends his money in a rum shop. Unemployment is at the highest level since the great depression. The Fed will prop up the Stock Exchange with the last drop of the blóod. Wall Street and Main Street have different interests. Wall Street represents the big corporations, big tech, and big banks, while Main Street is households, workers, and small businesses. What is good for Wall Street is bad for Main Street. The Pandemic to cover up their looting of our entire earth. It is not the pandemic that will drag us to depression, but the political response will! The way most big firms are going to survive and thrive and achieve the earnings target of Wall Street or the city is by slashing the costs.

They will be slashing the labor costs but your labor costs initially. But the labor costs for the corporations is the labor income and the consumption of the masses. The S&P 500 is going to newer highs because the big corporations are going to become bigger, while millions of small businesses, retail shops, small enterprises are going to go bust.

The success of Wall Street is happening at the expense of Main Street. Those who are suffering are the workers, the consumers, the households, and small businesses. While the big corporations are becoming even more powerful, even more of an oligopoly with even more concentration of economic, financial, and of political power. There won’t be any small and medium businesses with sole ownership anymore from now on .

You need to work for multinational companies that run the government. More like the Indian caste system, of which we have the company elites that rule over us; secondly comes the security (enforcer-judge-jury-executioner) to keep things in order; Thirdly the workers to provide food for all, lastly the untouchables, who are the undocumented underground dwellers, a community of their own. Digital currency with expiry dates will be the norm. And unless we change our policies radically, we could end up in not just a greater recession like the one we had in 2020, greater than the global financial crisis. But we have the risk of greater depression, a depression worse than the one we had in the nineteen-thirties ,and slavery. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

American cities are in a downward spiral financially as the economy feels the impact of the pandemic. Even as some jobs return, each week, new jobless claims top 800,000, a historically high number. A stimulus bill that could help is held up in Congress and may not get through until after the election next month. Greed continues to destroy our home, Mother Earth. Wars/bombs, toxic rivers, oceans, and marine life destroyed, tech debris in our hemisphere, forests destroyed. We’re moving towards a humanitarian phase, and those who resist it will find it difficult to continue in its path of destruction. We’re in the midst of a staggering upheaval, a culling of the precariat, an investment class that prays to its self-sustaining algorithm, a discordant political cloud where ‘isms’ have lost meaning and where meaning searches for itself.

The Depression has been on for a long time, at its most. Watching everything happening in the world is like watching an unstoppable train come off the rails towards you. Everything slows down, and while you see it coming, there’s no stopping it. It’s just a question if you can get out of the way. The 1% who own most of the world is ultimately those to blame. They rigged the system to their own advantage. Through bribes and lobbyism over the last 50-100 years. The recession will continue for as long as the lockdowns continue. The reason they won’t end it is that they don’t fix the problem in the long run and the stimulus checks end up in big companies like Amazon, Tesla, Apple, etc.

The money will not help the bankruptcies, people unable to pay their mortgage, and unemployment. It’s will also cause inflation to the dollar, meaning everything from pensions to paychecks will be less worth. Austerity measures are nothing but an excuse for the ultra-rich to steal everything that the middle class had worked hard to gain. It’s nothing but an excuse for the bank’s massive theft of All the assets of the middle class. The capitalist system dreams of stimulus massive printing of paper money by giving massive free money to the richest people in the world will never achieve any real growth. 2008 tried that, and look what happened; the government gave trillions of fiat money to the rich, expecting it to trickle down to the middle class. Instead, what happened is they used that gift of that money to buy back their shares, driving the stock market to boom and the middle class to become homeless. Austerity is nothing but the theft of the assets of the middle class. Any idiot that thinks stimulus or austerity will do anything but create a much larger wealth gap and bring on more draconian measures. FEAR is how they control you. Increase fear-mongering, increase the national debt, increase homelessness and job loss to all increase dependence on the government for money, food, and a roof over your head.

Think sheep, think hard about these things. It is always a financial crisis. Never trust the stock exchange. It would be nice if for one day no one bought a thing. It would be a great pleasure to see the stock exchange, central banks, federal reserve, and elitists suffer like us useless eaters/surfs. Is the real economy still relevant? Look at the stock market. It cheers and soars with every bad economic data; the worse the data is, the higher the market goes! Since the Fed is willing to go low by unleashing unlimited liquidity and buying junk bonds to continue to prop the bubbles of everything from the bond to equity markets, so what, even if bankruptcy and unemployment surpass the Great Depression?

It looks like value investing is dead. All those 401k steadily contributing, paycheck by paycheck, propping it all up. Like fractional reserve banking, but the fractional reserve of human labor trickling into 401k purchases. If most of those contributions are from Baby Boomers, then what happens when they leave the workforce and are not still net purchasers. Think towards mandatory distribution timeframes. When we have net sellers of stock, down she goes.

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A MONSTER FINANCIAL CRISIS is coming, but the plan is for The Fed and Central Banks to boost corporate/government partnership and then starve out the people, scare them into wearing a mandatory mask and receive a mandatory vaccine. The Great rest is being pushed by the power in the US Government. Owning a business, small business won’t be allowed. People will be oppressed and starved. Will have to sell the property then self to survive as a slave. People will be slaves.

According to The Great Reset, the government will forgive all your debt. The catch is that you will forfeit your right to own anything in the future (business, home, land, vehicles).

People will accept this deal by the hundreds of millions, if not billions. Making themselves forever slaves with only the freedom their government chooses to allow them. Central bank interest rates are all very low at the moment to try to stimulate the economies of the world. Governments seem to have forgotten that the other lever they have is taxes. Governments could lower taxes to stimulate the economy. At low borrowing rates, this isn’t as daft as it seems because repaying the current level of debt isn’t as urgent as it once was. Because the cost of government borrowing is so low, the debts most countries are carrying will not cost them much (or anything if the bank rates are less than inflation). Currently, we live in a world where punishing people and companies for being successful is seen as a good and virtuous thing to do .

This is done by increasing taxes on everything that a few do-gooders can justify. It is also fashionable to try to regulate companies more and more so that their behavior is controlled into a narrow path that fits what a very vocal (but small) section of the population thinks is ‘right.’ Again, more virtue signaling.

The truth is that companies cannot operate in the highly regulated market and give good returns. Why? Because increasing regulation and the desire to hold companies to impossible standards has made it impossible for them to operate, grow earnings, and return profits to shareholders. At the current tax levels and regulation standards, it has made it unattractive to run a company. The ‘virtue signallers’ out there who believe that companies should be taxed heavily and only allowed to operate under very restrictive conditions are simply missing the effect they are promoting.

This constant corporate bashing and tax-raising make everyone poorer in the long run, not just the wealthy that the virtue signallers hope to target. The end result is that a country doesn’t have the money to do the virtuous things it wants to do, so they don’t happen anyway. I have little confidence that the new administration will rush to lower taxes and stimulate commerce in the USA with lower regulation, quite the opposite, in fact! They will probably strangle the US economy as he tries to signal to the world how the third-way socialism can save the world. And even if you wanted to go cash, there’s negative interest on large cash holdings. It’s actually not possible to do anything else than buy stocks. And all the printed money has the same problem.

That’s why evaluations don’t seem to matter. If just some analyst somewhere spits out a random price target, stock hits it the day after. I actually thought price targets were a year out, not a day, but never mind as long as it all goes up. I long stopped caring about being an owner of a company. It’s all a big joke, and it doesn’t matter if they make toilet paper or rockets. Printing trillions and won’t give their citizens a crumb.

The Federal Reserve owns a massive amount of the housing market, something like 30% at the moment. And they have been pumping massive funds into Fortune 500 companies, mutual, and index to prop up this economy. It is entirely fake. According to the Department of Labor, we lost some millions of jobs permanently in the year 2020. Since September and December 1st this year, we have recouped a whopping 9% of the jobs lost due to the shutdowns.

They can cheer all they want about having a 33% GDP, which means absolutely nothing if you understand what numbers encompass GDP. We are surfing on an entirely fake market as of right now, with only the Federal Government propping it up with newly inflated tax dollars. America is more corrupt than Venezuela and Russia put together. And you think the powers that be can’t and won’t prop up their own assets no matter what? That was the entire point of the QE, i.e., massive ongoing asset inflation for the wealthy and economic and literal death for the middle class. And now it will return, better than ever. Stock and real estate prices are perpetually supported by zero interest rates, while wage earners become weaker and weaker. Fentanyl and welfare for the middle class; more money and power for the elites.

This dead GDP was always a feature, not a bug. It helps the globalists and our politicians’ Chinese patrons directly in economic terms while it economically, socially, and psychologically cripples potential ladder-climbers who might have the effrontery to oppose them. You serfs are going to have to get vaccinated in order to receive a stimulus check. If people don’t see the timing of the stimulus conversion as being convenient, they’re dumb. They pretended to not be able to reach an agreement for months, but they appear willing to work together now that they are rolling out vaccines?

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People need to start preparing.

If a financial collapse does occur, you are going to want to start prepping so that, should an economic downturn occur, you have enough food saved up while you either grow your own food in the garden to supplement it, or find another source of free food. Chances are you will need food more than water as water will still run, but stores may close down and shelves may empty out quite quickly.

Food Crisis queuing case of a food shortage you should be aware that grocery stores only have about 3 days of food in stock. People will rush and buy as much as they can so probably the food will vanish in less than a day or hours. So if anything was to disrupt the food supply chain for an extended period of time, there would be chaos in most communities. It’s very important to start preparing NOW. There are several ways to start. The choice you make should depend on the event you are preparing for. Of course the best way is to prepare for all scenarios including long periods.

Part of our guide to start prepping involves identifying a but out plan, location, a suitable bug out bag and bug out contents. If a true economic collapse was to occur, there will be a high increase in crime rates, social disorder, looting and likely clashes with law enforcement and military. It is a safe option to consider leaving busy urban areas as these are most likely the areas that will be prone to violence.

America is in trillions of dollars in debt this bubble is gonna collapse and no one understands that.



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