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by Moonpie


Last week a judge conceded that Republicans were denied the legal right to observe ballots. But since he said Democrats were also denied the right he felt it was equal treatment.

-The law is not equal treatment it is that Republicans have a legal right to observe ballots.

Last week a different judge conceded that the law that was passed to change the ballot rules was Unconstitutional. But since he said Republicans waited until after the election to make that point, he would not hear their case.

– Constitutionality of the law is not relative to when a case is filed.

RESULT: You have lost Pennsylvania. It’s vote will be thrown out by the US Supreme Court.


There is not visible evidence of voter fraud. The Governor and the Sect. of State, who both insisted their was no evidence of fraud, have now conceded that there is fraud.

They will need to do a recount and audit of all Mail in Ballots, attempting to match them with signatures.

Since Fulton County destroyed the Envelopes –

RESULT: You have lost Georgia. Its vote will be thrown out by the US Supreme Court

On Wednesday, an audit was conducted of 1400 ballots.
– 2% were sent in by someone who was not the voter.
– 1% were sent in from phony addresses or non-existent locations.

A 3% rejection rate to this sample will now require that the entire State of Nevada will be recounted and Audited with signature matching.

RESULT: You have lost Nevada. Trump will win in a recount with only the valid Mail in Votes counted.

I know this is upsetting to you.



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