Explaining the Financial Crisis:

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1 #FinancialCrisis

2 500% increase in #money supply (#inflation), drop #InterestRates negative for ten yrs

3 Keep wages stagnant for ten yrs, get everyone (corps, households & govt) in #debt

4 As inflation leads to price increases, normalize rates. But we can’t raise rates

See also  DailyMail: "Scramble to stop food shortages: Government holds crisis talks after soaring gas prices forced factory closures and left

bc of the household, govt & corporate debt

5 Price increases accelerate. Not good for everyone earning stagnant wages, so raise rates. But we can’t raise rates bc of the debt

See also  Jim Rogers: The ‘Worst Bear Market Of Our Lifetime’ Is Nearing Fast | Debt, Inflation & Crisis (PT1)

6 Economy falls into #recession

7 Drop rates & print more money, accelerate price increases? Or raise


rates into a slow economy?




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