Explaining the “#ObamaGate” situation

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by Facts-Over-Opinion

The complete answer is extremely long but I’ll try to sum it up at a high level.

The hash tag #ObamaGate is about the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation that occurred under Obama in 2016. This “investigation” wasn’t a real investigation, it was a political hit job carried out by the Obama admin in an attempt to stop Trump from winning. Essentially, in early 2016 the FIB started to try and entrap members of the Trump campaign (like Flynn). After that didn’t work, they obama admin, FIB, DNC and Hillary paid millions to a foreign spy to create a fake document (steele dossier) which they used to lie to the FISA courts to spy on Trump’s campaign. During this time they were basically fishing for crimes and attempting to entrap members of his campaign.

They were also covering up the hacking at the DNC. This is where crowdstrike comes in. To recap, the FIB raided the DNC but and the story goes that the DNC denied them access to the servers. The FIB magically allows the DNC to hire the a company to investigate themselves….. It turns out that half the team at Crowdstrike used to work with Mueller in the past. Crowdstrike NEVER showed any intel agency the actual “proof” of Russian hacking. They showed them a redacted report. This is 100% okay though because it was the obama admin and everyone was in on it. The Russians never hacked the DNC. Its very very likely that it was Seth Rich.

Then once Trump won the election, they used all of this fabricated information as the basis for the Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation was meant to find an impeachable crime. Thats all they’ve been trying to do since day 1. Mueller covered up all of this up with his investigation and report too. He literally lied under oath in his hearings and said he didn’t know who Fusion GPS was lol…… Do you want to know how deep state Mueller is? He became the director of the FIB 1 week before 9/11… coincidence? I honestly don’t think so.

In conclusion, the Obama admin has done everything that they’ve been accusing Trump of doing for the past 3 years. Remember when they tried to impeach him over investigating Joe Biden’s real $1B bribe? They had a full blown political hit job investigation into Trump. Biden literally bribed a foreign country $1B and bragged about it. It’s such an effective strategy on the masses and their supporters. 99% of the anti-Trumpers don’t know about all this. I honestly didn’t support Trump until I found the truth out about this. The last president I voted for was Obama. This is the deep state.


FOIA documents proving the FIB attempted to entrap members of the Trump campaign in early 2016

Obama’s Campaign Paid $972,000 To Law Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS In 2016

FBI releases documents showing payments to Trump dossier author Steele

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Proof that multiple members of the CrowdStrike team worked for Mueller

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Proof that no intel agency ever saw the evidence – Court Document (long version)



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