As Americans Face Meat Shortages & High Prices In Supermarkets, US Meat EXPORTS To China SOAR

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(by Half Dollar) It’s a good thing there are no meat shortages in the United States.

Oh wait, there are.

Indeed, I wrote about supply chain disruptions and shortages last week, and while I wrote the article primarily about toilet paper, notice what was not in stock:

That’s right.


It has been an ongoing issue, since before May:

And they say chicken’s plentiful.

Dang liars!

I still can’t find any chicken, to this very day:

Remember too, that’s with “substitution”, meaning, any chicken breast will do, so long as it’s in stock.

But I’ve still had ZERO luck, for weeks, buying chicken.

So we can only wonder what world the mainstream is living in when they say stuff like this:

Of course, if your goal is to pump the funny money by any means necessary, then pump by any means necessary even if that means giving people a false sense of food security!

Dang shame.

To rub salt in those wounds, no pun intended, we see reporting coming out of Reuters showing that US meat exports to China have been BOOMING (bold added for emphasis):

Processors including Smithfield Foods, owned by China’s WH Group Ltd, Brazilian-owned JBS USA and Tyson Foods Inc temporarily closed about 20 U.S. meat plants as the virus infected thousands of employees, prompting meatpackers and grocers to warn of shortages. Some plants have resumed limited operations as workers afraid of getting sick stay home.

The disruptions mean consumers could see 30% less meat in supermarkets by the end of May, at prices 20% higher than last year, according to Will Sawyer, lead economist at agricultural lender CoBank.

While pork supplies tightened as the number of pigs slaughtered each day plunged by about 40% since mid-March, shipments of American pork to China more than quadrupled over the same period, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data.

Smithfield, which China’s WH Group bought for $4.7 billion in 2013, was the biggest U.S. exporter to China from January to March, according to Panjiva, a division of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Smithfield shipped at least 13,680 tonnes by sea in March, Panjiva said, citing its most recent data.

Good thing we’re allies with the CCCP, or is it the CCP?

Oh wait, we’re not.

I almost forgot about the New Cold War Thingy where we, and especially the Trump Administration, blame China for everything that ails the United States.

That said, why in the heck are we feeding our enemy again?

Reuters shows it’s not just to China, but in general, the US is on a meat exporting binge:

Year-to-date, about 31% of U.S. pork has been exported, totaling about 838,000 tonnes, according to the U.S. Meat Export Federation. One-third of that volume went to China, accounting for more than 10% of total first-quarter production, the industry group said. It added that exports help increase U.S. production by raising overall demand.

Still, China got about 10% of America’s pork, and that’s just one type of meat!

Which kind of make one wonder, why in the heck did Trump nationalize the Meat Processing Plants?

Is he going to halt the exportation of meat to China and get it to American grocery stores where the meat’s needed?

If you trust the plan, then yes.

If he’s Deep State?

Then no.



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