EXPLOSIVE: Why Boris is reaping the whirlwind of backing wrong-man Murdoch

by John Ward

Now that global media combine Comcast has aced Newscorp out of any clout in Sky television, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lost the unqualified support he has come to expect from Rupert Murdoch. Comcast’s CEO is a confirmed enemy of British independence in particular, and a free internet in general.


I wonder how many people have spotted that Rupert Murdoch no longer has any equity in Sky News at all? 

Upwards of no more than 3%, I’d say: but nevertheless, it is a fact: exactly a month ago today, Murdoch’s carefully rebranded company 21st Century Fox announced it was selling all of its shares in the British broadcaster to the US media firm Comcast.

The chairman and chief executive officer of Comcast is one Brian L. Roberts – an American billionaire businessman. The one thing you can be clear about in relation to Mr Roberts is that he is opposed to all things Murdoch.

The commonality I share with this bloke ends there. Because Brian L. Roberts is a silent but obvious enemy of We the People. His actions display beyond any real doubt that he represents the world’s most committed enemy of net neutrality – that is, free unfettered and equal access for all to content on the internet.

Don’t get confused about where my loyalties lie: Murdoch’s career has been one of destroying democracy by reducing the electorate’s discernment to tabloid soundbite level. As such, his life has been devoted to working in unconscious concert with leftwing teachers who have demanded student obedience to whatever status quo is in vogue at any given time.

That foul mix of simplistic conclusions with fearful belief has produced a population able to square homicidally misognyst religion with cod scientific Marxist analysis about “how history happened” and why gender, sexuality, age, wisdom, voting systems and all bourgeois standards are irrelevant in the Brave New World.

One day, somebody (and we won’t have to wait too long) will emerge from this cultural cesspit to insist that The Vote must in future be restricted to élite citizens, because the growing Underclass no longer have the analytical capacity to tell Charlemagne from  charlatan….or indeed, an interest in whoTF Charlemagne was in the first place.

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You can be certain that any such Somebody will present him or herself as a defender of liberal democracy…and the liberal chatterati will agree, because they have no grasp at all any more of the cultural and personal responsibility that goes with any realistic version of such a system.

In the meantime, an AustralAsianAmerican has supported the much-needed British sovereign independence from the EU purely out of an entirely selfish realisation that the British Establishment is frightened of him, whereas Brussels isn’t.

However, Rupert Murdoch is an old man in the grip of failing powers. Boris Johnson has long sought (and depended upon) the powerful influence of this uniquely depraved example of antipodean antimatter.

Boris is now hoist by his own patarde. He is an intelligent but wilful man currently bidding for a role as the man crucified by ghastly globalist forces.

But such were the Pharisees among whom he moved at ease. One priest of this globalist mania is Comcast….an organisation in which he has zero influence: but an organisation nevertheless committed to the destruction of creative contrarianism by sterile process conformity and irresistible censorship.

I repeat: what we Brits are going through is about something infinitely bigger and more significant than B*e*i*.

There will be more on this here in the very near future.

Think of this post as an aperitif for one gigantic species question: are robotic Artificial Intelligence and Dumbed-down citizen analysis developments designed to obliterate human Emotional Intelligence?

Stay tuned.




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