EXPOSED: Baby Blood being Stolen from every Newborn in Michigan

A Michigan judge exposes a covert system of taking a sample of every newborn’s blood in that state. Parents never told, a judge reveals the practice and declares it unconstitutional.

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It happens when every baby is born in Michigan, blood sample is taken from the newborn.
But a judge has ruled the way the state of Michigan does this, is most likely unconstitutional.
Its a complicated legal ruling, but it may pave the way for changes in the newborn health screening process.
“They don’t tell the parents, they don’t explain it to the parents, they just do it,” says Saginaw County attorney Phil Ellison.

The blood is being stored cryogenically at a University in Michigan.
You can get samples if you want, just call.
Michigan’s samples have been used to improve current newborn screening tests; to develop new screening tests for other conditions; and for approved medical and public health research to better understand underlying causes of disease and possible interventions to improve health outcomes.

They don’t tell the parents that the state just stole their baby’s blood. They don’t have to. It’s done secretly.

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The program isn’t secret, but the average citizen has no idea this is being done. It looks like the parents can opt out, but are not given a chance to do that. 99 percent probably have no idea it is happening.

When a Michiganer turns 18 they can have their blood samples removed from the database, but its been used for all those 18 years without your permission. TOO LATE, they have your DNA.

Oh crap, it is required in my Ohio too.
Ohio’s law requires newborn screening to be done on all babies born in the state. Hospital staff or the birth attendants are required to provide the parents with the educational brochure, Understanding Your Baby’s Newborn Screening Tests, which explains the newborn screening process. Religious objection is the only reason recognized by the State of Ohio that parents can refuse newborn screening.

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