Eyewitness to Florida School Shooting Says There Was Definitely a Second Gunman (Cover-up may be underway)

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She was actually talking to the suspect that Police later arrested, and she could hear shots being fired from another location at the school.

This student also makes a reference to “other shooters”
Truckin Drifter makes a good observation. He says:
I’ve watched like a dozen of these interviews with kids. NOT ONE of them shows ANY real emotions. Either today’s kids are ALL completely numb to this and have lost all humanity or theirs something exceptionally fishy going on. Crisis actors.

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2 thoughts on “Eyewitness to Florida School Shooting Says There Was Definitely a Second Gunman (Cover-up may be underway)

  1. I read a “timeline” for Cruz where he is picked up at 2:06PM by a Uber driver. Dropped off at 2:19PM at the high school. Where was he picked up at? He lived in Lantana which is 30 miles and at least one hour away from Parkland but supposedly had a job at a Dollar Tree in Parkland. Just how did he get to work every day seeing as this would be at least a two hour round trip commute every day!!!! This is fishy.
    And the soft rifle case that was mentioned in the time line…..howcome the Driver did not notice this when he was taking him to the high school? Makes no sense at all. This whole scenerio SCREAMS HOAX and false flag. It’s engineered to deter us away from the DC Swamp and Porter and the DACA mess……and the finger pointing at bozo and hilldog.

  2. in the last video the girl that supposedly been in a life threatening situation she is saying so many details even a hardened soldier would have failed to register them. Also the one they accuse it seems to me is a convenient victim set up for this not the shooter.

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