Face2Face Technology. With Facial Mapping, Make Anyone Appear to Say Anything. In Real Time

This technology is real and invented at Stanford and Nuremberg Universties
The technology allows them to do things such as manipulate YouTube videos in real time, making the target actor, or person in the video appear to say whatever the manipulator desires.
They achieve this by the use of cameras and facial recognigtion technology and “mapping”.
A “source” actor’s face is mapped onto the target actor (on screen) , they don’t overlay the entire face, but the parts easiest to replace..the mouth, eyes, ears, hairline….
then the “source” actor can make any gesture he wants and you will see the “target” actor in the video on your screen make those same movements, gestures, words, etc.
After seeing this, I’m sure we can never trust in anything that we see on a screen…..and we are approaching the point that screens will be put into places and we don’t realize they’re screens….

Here is a link to all their research papers since the beginning of the project till now.
h/t Eddie