Facebook and Instagram have taken down (must see) PART 1 of the Project Veritas whistleblower #CovidVaxExposed series claiming it “Goes against Community Standards on misinformation that could cause physical harm”

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YouTube is also shadow-banning the content hard. You can’t catch the video here (for now).


For the seasoned vaccine/Big Pharma researcher, the Project Veritas HHS Whistleblower video probably wasn’t surprising, but what’s notable is to have such a known and respected outlet like Project Veritas run a piece like this. Mainstream. People on the fence with vaccines may find the courage to question and those stuck in a situation where they’re being coerced to inject might find the courage to stand up for themselves. VAERS reports barely being filled out, how unscientific this process is, health professionals themselves questioning vaccines, alternative therapies being shunned, deaths being linked to vaccines, seeing these things really happen from behind the scenes will have quite an impact on many who weren’t sure. Millions will see this. The house of cards is falling.

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H/T, Jordan Sather

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