Facebook Caught LYING About Censorship, Regulation Is Coming

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Facebook Caught LYING About Censorship, Regulation Is Coming. Facebook banned several right wing figures but claimed this is normal for them but in a new report from the Associated Press we learned that not only does Facebook leave up the overwhelming majority of content that breaks the rules they actually compile it into celebratory videos.

Researchers found only 38% was actually getting removed and the AP was able to easily find content that went well beyond anything Paul Joseph Watson every published. This flies in the face of Facebook’s statement about banning and censoring content.

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Social media censorship seems to be reaching a tipping point as even Vox.com is pointing out the hypocrisy of Facebook and how it tends to target conservatives. If a far left site like Vox sees the lies then its only a matter of time before social media regulation drops.

But while free speech is paramount this means the worst of the worst will be able to organize. Where do we draw the line?



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