Something Is Very Wrong With This Picture Of The Economy

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by Order of the Dragon


By the first quarter more businesses had closed than all of 2018, and every day more closing, now Dollar Tree and Payless and Party City

I got laid off with my all my co workers in December and have been out of work. No luck at all. All of us.

What made me mad about that company was it was strictly for the USA Obamacare and they laid all of us NC mothers off and kept all the workers on phones in India.

I think we are not only in another housing bubble, and I cannot believe unemployment is at an all time low when we all are still out of work, and the electric company just laid off thousands, and more stores closing.

Something is totally a lie and wrong with this picture.


Yes, and the Government has also cut all the Low Income Assistance Programs, now you cannot get Emergency Assistance anymore unless you have medical conditions.

Also, they have opened this Plasma Donor place in the poor side of town, and they pay for you to give Plasma. I was going to do it myself but my daughter had a bad feeling and wanted to do more research. She found out that they take your blood for 2 hours and remove Plasma and then put a chemical in it and put back in the red blood cells and give you back your blood without your Plasma, and it can have life threatening effects.

So, we pawned whatever we had left. She said also that this makes no sense because when you take whole blood you get the Plasma as well.

I guess it makes sense to open these new kind of places in poor sides of town because they are packed with people, mostly all blacks. Well, in fact, I am the only white person I have seen there getting an information brochure in all this time, besides the workers.


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